HARRISON UNIVERSITY: The School of Monsters

HARRISON UNIVERSITY: The School of Monsters

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Harrison University is an institution where 17-year-old Myrttle Joong, is obligated to finish her studies, despite her strong aversion. At first, he thought the place was like the typical university he was trying to escape. Until he discovered something he didn’t expect ... ‘Monsters’ are what Harrison University has. The school accepts students who may pose a risk to ordinary ones. Hoodlums, Gangsters, Mafia, Assassins, and even people with criminal records are allowed to enter the campus without everyone's knowledge. Only the new Harrison University Rulers know the school’s dark secret. A peacemaker that she shortly belong. But how will they be able to protect everyone, if that very secret looms on its own hiding place? Will they still be able to defend it, or they will be the ones who consumed it?

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7 Chapters
Prologue 'The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. But the more I keep back, the more I highlight what I leave in.' I am Myrttle Joong. A freshmen college student. I usually don't give a damn for every insignificant thing around me. I didn't even like the idea of being at school either. But my grandfather sent me again to another school named 'HARRISON UNIVERSITY' A typical but high-end school congested with bitches, nerds, lovers, jerks, bullies, and the pathetic ones who love to see themselves bullied. Not until I started to see bizarre things, I never wish to involve with. 'Monsters'—that's what Harrison University has. From that day on, I learn that all things happening inside this campus are bound to each other. Too late for me to realize that these will lead me to the place where I can find the identity that I myself don't want to bring back.
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Chapter 1 : Harrison University
CHAPTER ONE Myrttle's Point of View “Myrttle, Honey. Are you done preparing stuff you needed for your school tomorrow?” `Nay Julie asked me again after washing our dishes. I lamely shook my head, trying not to show her how unhappy I am to be involve with such a school again. But before she can even bug me questions again. I prepared the stuff she is referring to. I know her too well and she is not the kind of person who can support me with ditching schools like I just want.A few stuff will be enough until I find my way out of that school. Like just what I'm always working out for the past few months. Tss, this is that damn school administrator's fault! I still can't believe that someone can have some shitty guts to force someone to be in their assistance just for their benefit! Tomorrow will be my first day of being a college student. And hell no for saying I am excited about it! Does Gramps think that I like to be involved in any
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Chapter 2: Hidden route
I instinctively slow down as I went through the tunnel. I can't blame myself, I didn't expect any of this! As in dang! Since when did this place exist?A road comes across the end of the tunnel. I gaped. A green magnificent tree-lined road, canopied by the overhanging trees, that seems to be enough to shade mellow sunlight.Absolutely, an awesome view but you don't have time for this, Myrttle! I am running late!I set my foot on my gas and drove faster than before. I hope that this redpoint blinking on the map, not so far from me, is finally their entrance. But of course! This school never failed to pissed me off! All I can see from my spot right now is a huge Ancient arch that seems so old and ready to collapse anytime! I fiercely step on my gas once more. But almost hit a tree as soon as I cross to the arch."You must be kidding me!" I roared as my car screeched before I stopped. Good thing I could still handle this crap!A blue-like
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Chapter 3: The Fountain
Myrttle's Point of View Staying doesn't mean you used to like the place you belong with all the time. It is sometimes the least thing you can do to fill the curiosity you're drowning. It's been one week since I started coming to Harrison University. But since then, the enigma of this place never let me leave. So I keep eyeing things that might help me to discover something I wished I wrongly understand. I wished I am just overthinking things. But there must be a reason why there's something off around this place. Not including a few strange students who seem to be... unusual to my eyes. I don't know, but if my assumption was right, this is a bad shot. It's past ten o'clock in the morning, my first vacant time for this week. The shady sky was perfect for me to stroll and look around the place. Till my foot brought me to the most secluded place yet the most magnificent spot in the university ground. A fountain. The center fountain seems
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Chapter 4: My treasure
I saw the nerd who's still sitting on the floor after I stood up. Tss. She's also the bear reason why people treated her wrong! She must learn to fight for herself alone.Her situation makes me mad but I preferred to pull it out to these crazy brats.I looked back. "Frankly, I feel bad seeing people like you. Do you guys think it's cool making this kind of lame thing? For what? To gain attention?" I can't stop rolling my eyes. "Well, it can, but you must know that oppressing the weak ones makes you look pathetic."Everyone laughs at them after what I say. It exposed her, and all she can do is scream as she making a quick exit out of this place."Go find people at your size," I commented and finally turned to the counter to get my tray. Tss. I can't believe I wasted my time arguing with those kinds of people.Students were still making noises about the incident, but I didn't bother to waste any more time with them again.As I looked for a des
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Chapter 5: Her wrath
Who the hell is this guy?!“Yes! I am Myrttle! Do you have any problem with that?!” I yelled back pursing my lips.I lose my temper! I don't even recall meeting him, so what on earth is his problem?“So you are Myrttle,” he repeated after clasping my arms, which got me off-guarded. “How dare you to lay your hands to my sister!” He howled gripping on my shoulder as hell! I've tried to pull it back but what he said made me failed.This is insane! I don't even know who he is talking about!“How dare you too to yell at me? I don't even have any idea who you are talking about! You insane freak!” I was about to pull my arms when one voice stopped me.“Kuya! What are you doing?” shouted a familiar sweet-sounding voice.I looked for her right away after hearing something wrong about her tone. And to my surprised, it was Celine. Holding up her tears which left me horrified.Ku-
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Chapter 6: Alcohol
I immediately backed away and frowned as soon as he turned to me. Wearing a simple smile I didn't expect!What's with that smile? Does he even know he's bleeding?Again, he faced those witches. And to my surprise, a strange paleness wins their faces.“So you are the ones who dare to touch my sister, Celine, huh?” He confirmed, jaw clenching.Oh-oh. I guess he's gonna shout again. Crazy loud people.“H-Hold on, Blaise... C-Celine?” The one I punched stammered. But was stunned when this crazy guy, who she named Blaise, held her shoulder tight.“Yes, Sasha. Celine Harrison Blaire. My sister.” He stressed out, gripping her shoulder as if he wants it to break.The girls gasped in unison. They can not believe what they heard. Well, I can't blame them. Celine's angelic face is way too far from this brutal creature's features.“We are so sorry, Blaise. We do not know, “ Sasha cried in fea
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