The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream

By:  Welch Phyxion  Completed
Language: English
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---Cali is an international and an expensive runway model and was married to Hadrian Calypso Forbes, a multi-billionaire guy based on Dubai, after refusing to marry the son (Luca Amadeus Turner) of her dad’s bestfriend. She then lived a happy and financially better life with her husband and son, but just as they say-life is like a ball, you will not stay in your place or position forever, but always remember that just as the ball, never forget to bounce back. ---Calista Payne Aurellian, just like her name she’s been completely surrounded by pain throughout her life. After spending 10 years in prison and paid 2 billion dollar penalty for being accused with such a heinous crime that she never did. She will bounced back to get her life, her son, her company and image she had a decade ago. With the mission and plan she had, would she be able to restore again everything or will she continue to mourned and silently scream in the middle of the night forever?

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Rashmi Kundan Sarraf
wow brilliant starting.... love dis dtory
2023-04-10 13:07:43
74 Chapters
“Good morning Mom!” I heard my sweet charming prince greeted me as he headed down from the 2nd floor of our mansion still wearing his favorite pajamas designed with marvel heroes. I am currently cooking our breakfast and preparing the table at the same time. Now you might’ve ask, why do the international and expensive model and a wife of a multi-billionaire cooks? Well, it’s Friday. My husband used to give our 10 maids, 3 chief cook, 15 guards, 3 drivers and 6 gardeners a 24 hours free time to spend. They can go out, hangout, meet their friends or go to the place they wanted to visit without worrying about us. Hadrian used to have that attitude as an American-Emeratis guy. And beside this is the first time I had cooked again for my family since we mostly likes to order foods and have it delivered to us in just a couple of minutes. Rich thing, right? “How’s your Baba?” I inquired as he pull out his chair and of course my chair and for his Dad. He had been this sweet a
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Chapter 1: The Superstar is Home
“Hello miss Aurellian may know the sudden visit of you to the UAE?” I heard screamed by the female reporter. The airport is completely mess, it’s all ruined by thousand of journalist, photographer, news reporter and of course don’t forget about my million followers all over the world. They’re all here to see me, some wants to have a photo with me, others just wanted to know what my reason for a sudden visit to my home country after spending 5 years in New York and 2 years in France where I’m working as an international model, brand ambassador, Runway model, and so on. Endless flash of lights and cameras didn’t leave my eyes since my first step off the private plane of my Dad. I don’t know why the pilot wanted to landed here when we can land at Dad’s private and huge landing just near our mansion. Now, here I am, stuck in the middle of a hundred thousand people who keeps wanting to came closer to me and talk to me. I’m seeing my bodyguard pushing some people aside as the
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Chapter 2: Their Sudden Decision
“Hello?” I inquired as my secretary called me. “The Metaverse Clothing Brand earlier called me and asked for your return schedule.” She narrated through the line. “I’ll be home next week, so no need to worry, the show will continue” I simply replied and I heard her grab something and it hits the floor. “What’s going on there? Is everything okay?” “Aha! All is well, Miss. I just dropped the pen." I nodded as I understand her situation. Allison was always been like this, she always dropped any objects off, but thanks God that she never dropped any expensive or important things. I guess she’s just too tired to handle lot of works that’s why sometimes I used to gave her free day leave and like an hour break everyday to refresh her mind and relax. She’s such a workaholic woman, and that’s what I like about her, she’s so much similar to me. “Okay, if you don’t have any inquiries by then I’ll hung this up to take a short nap.” My eyes are getting heavier and heavier lik
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Chapter 3: Standing on my Own
“Hey, sweetie. How’s your day?” His sweet and deep voice serves like a sweet and tasty honey that makes me die for it. And also, it is his caring and loving attitude that I fall over and over again despite our long distance relationship for almost 5 years.  He’s Hadrian Calypso Forbes, my long time boyfriend since second year college. We’ve been together for about 7 years and counting and I am really looking forward to see us together happily having a family. I feel like if he’s not him then it’s definitely no one that I’m going to marry. “Are you available now? I mean right this moment.” I inquired and I heard him laugh a little over the phone. “Yes of course, I always had a free time for my beautiful model,” He narrated. “What’s with the husky voice my lady? Are you sick? Do you want me to visit you?” I can hear that he’s worried about me through his voice. “I’m good. Can you please get me here?” I requested, but I already knew that even if I d
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Chapter 4: Sudden Meeting
“I know that this may sound beyond the border but can I ask you what’s going on between you and your mom?” After almost 10 minutes of silent between us, he finally had the temerity to ask that question which I also wanted to tell him but I just doesn’t know where to start. Good thing that he started it.“They want me to get marry” He suddenly blushed, I can see it through the dim light in this private and expensive restaurant. I guess he’s thinking that I was talking about us that’s why he blushed.“So, ah- what’s your decision?” He stuttered asking me that. I look at him in his blue eyes. He’s really handsome.“I’m not going to marry,” A straight face draw on his face like a child who just lost his sweets. “I’m not marrying anyone that I don’t like”“What do you mean? Are you talking about_?”“I’m talking about
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Chapter 5: My Parent's Warmed Welcome
It’s another day that I need to face. I still don’t like to go home. I’m just afraid that what if everything’s ready and it’s just only me that they’re waiting for our arrange marriage. No, never. I wagged my head to erase what I’m thinking. I don’t like to overthink in the very early morning.I was about to enter the bathroom when I hear my phone loudly rung. Without even reading who’s calling, I swiftly answered the call and put it on my left ear. “Are you going to go home or you want me to order the guards to forcefully pull you out of that hotel.” So my day is totally ruined. Mom’s loud voice almost destroyed my eardrum. Of course, she knows everything, although our company is gradually losing but I can’t deny the power and connections they still had that’s why it is just easy for her to locate where I am right now.“Is that a threat?” I inquired trying to c
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Chapter 6: Engagement Proposal
A loud ring of my cellphone wakes me up. I search for my phone on my right table and found that it wasn’t there. My eyes are still close and I’m lazy to wake up in a very early morning since I got nothing to do with my day. I don’t have a plan for today so I’ll just definitely take a long rest. I roll to the left side of my bed and grab my phone ringing above it.“Hello” I answered without even knowing who’s calling in that very early morning. “Good morning my lazy phenomenal lady” Hadrian’s sweet tone just makes my day. A smile draw on my dry lips. “I got a surprise for you darling” There he goes again with his surprise thing. Actually to be honest, he never failed to surprise me, like the sudden meeting, and sudden visit to my parents.“Alright, what’s all this then?” I inquired lazily sitting up and trying to wake my self.“Just a little morning surpri
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Chapter 7: Breaking the Promises
After our unexpected and a surprise engagement proposal, I’d received tones of letters, emails, calls, text and even personal greetings from people all around the world. We were also featured in some newspaper’s headlines, magazines, and even news and social media. I felt flooded with all of it, it was insanely crazy, I haven’t even imagine that my career can soar way too higher than the level which I’m believing to be my peak.Same goes with Hadrian’s company, it was able to moved higher than their competitors. They reached higher than before and was even able to break their highest record of 40 million dollar income within 24 hours since I became their brand ambassador and the new face of their company. I think being together we can make an impact and we can be huge more than we’re imagining. I do really believe that working with my fiancée is a help for my parent’s company and same goes to his.“Hey there pretty
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Chapter 8: Our Angelic Cousin
I've been walking back and fourth inside our living room with mom fanning over dad along with our 3 other maid. Dad has high blood pressure and been suffering from it more than 3 years that's why we barely tells him some serious matter that could possibly elevate his blood pressure. But things are really unexpected and uncontrollable that can happen anytime and anywhere but thanks god that dad's okay now.  "This is all my fault" I mumbled bitting my nails off.  Mom walked towards me and have me sit beside her. "Now you see how much your dad loves you, he can even turn off someone he knows way too longer than having you in his life. Make sure that Hadrian won't drop you like a rubbish. It's your turn to prove to your dad how much you can do to have him get back." I don't know whether mom's comforting or reproving me. The way she talks it is like she's blaming me for that, yes I do agree that I am the reason behind dad's hardest decision but losing th
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Chapter 9: Phenomenal Wedding
Long after the long chit chat with Jeon-jae he finally brought us to his room and show us some of the products he brought for us. The prize is actually overwhelming, so as the way what it does to your skin, it feels like a manic and work like a manic. Now I finally understand why most Korean had this flawless and smooth skin like Jeon-jae. "Does this really going to make my face smoother like yours?" I laughed silently at Waen's question. It's actually the questions I wanted to ask, I guess we had the same idea and curiosity running inside head right now. I just couldn't take my eyes off Jeon-jae like I wanted him not just my cousin, I wanted him to be my brother or like my son in the future. Gosh!  I ruin my hair and they look at me with disbelief. "What's going on? Don't tell me that you're possess." Jeon-jae's approach is really funny. I slightly slapped his shoulder and yes it's hard but feels like smooth, I wonder if he even gets dirt on his body.&n
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