Chapter 2012 How Civilized

Clayton’s eyes darkened. He nodded.

Then, he lowered his head, kissed Nicole’s forehead, and said in a deep voice, “Do you want to wait for me here?”

Nicole’s expression changed a little. She pursed her lips.

“Is it Angie inside?”

Clayton did not deny it, which meant that he acquiesced to her words.

Nicole’s expression suddenly became complicated.

She originally had some sympathy for Angie, especially since Angie was infatuated with Eric, Nicole could see her past self in Angie.

Angie was so pitiful.

However, Angie did not react like Nicole. Nicole only felt ashamed for the way that Angie hurt others for the sake of her relationship.

Especially because Angie kept saying that she would not hurt Nicole, but in the end, Angie’s men pushed Nicole into the water anyway.

This made Nicole’s scalp tingle.

Angie had already gotten what she wanted, and Eric also chose Quinn according to her wishes.

Why did Angie still need to do this?

Nicole was puzzled.

Clayton said softly, “Don’t
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Dawn Preciado
Yes please let Eric find his happy ending. He really has gotten the bad in of this deal. And Clayton is dangerous even if love Nichole he not a good person.
goodnovel comment avatar
Can Clayton be found out about his wicked ways! This been going on unnecessary too damn long! I’m tired reading about Clayton and Nicole. Tell us what’s really up with Eric

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