Chapter 2109 Hug Your Father First

Jay Malone bought a mansion at a high price near the Stanton Mansion. The environment was suitable, so he planned to be neighbors with the Stanton family forever.

Fischer lived there for a long time and started to go to school.

That was why Chatty was left alone at home.

Thus, Nicole started to contact schools for Chatty.

Clayton and Nicole tacitly avoided Levi’s school because it was not suitable for Chatty.

Finally, they found a suitable school that was less than 500 meters away from Levi’s school.

That was the best they could find, but they did not plan to send Chatty to school right away.

They wanted to wait until after the New Year.

The end of the year was approaching.

Levi was on vacation, so he could accompany Fischer and Chatty.

Clayton took time off to accompany Nicole so that Nicole could take more time to deal with work at the office.

The two got off work at almost the same time, so Clayton went to pick her up first before they went home for dinner together.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Jessy Compalas
i didn't like the end of this story supposedly its eric and nicole lol what a mess up
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
There people are so weird and treat their children with distain unless it from a mother they like. Wives and Husbands are not always forever, but your kids are always yours to love and cherish. These characters in this book are disgusting human beings.

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