It's already 11pm, yet I am still awake. I stayed up all night, locked in my room. My son fell asleep while asking me repeatedly if I was okay. I kept saying that I'm okay, but who am I fooling? I also didn't face Valjerome when he once knocked on my door to eat. I only let Erom out to follow him.

My mind was messy. I don't know what to think anymore. I kept on flashbacking the memories in my mind.

Why, Valjerome?

I let out a sigh then decided to get up to drink some wine downatairs. There were no personnel scattered around, but even so I knew they were secretly watching. I went to the mini bar and got some wine there. Next I went to the refrigerator to get some ice, when I got everything I needed I went back again and sat down on the bar stool chair. I started pouring the wine and drank it straight away. The bitterness drew in my throat but I ignored that.

I was already in the seco

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