Chapter seventy eight




Months went past, soon it was spring once again, we had lived the past months to the fullest and I could say it was the best of my entire life. 

I lay in bed fully awake and conscious of my wife's warmth and familiar smell. It was the best fucking place to be. Not until the sound of low whimpers which soon transformed into full-blown cries reached my ears. It seemed Brie heard it as well as her eyes fluttered open almost immediately. 

"I'll get her baby, you stay in bed." I kissed her forehead, kicking the blankets off my body as I walked right to the crib only a few feet away. 

There she was. 

Our precious Jasmine. The name suited her just right. She was the only perfect and innocent thing I had a hand in creating. Her eyes were shiny with tears, her little face was red from all the crying as I gently picked her up and her pink blanket. My protective fatherly instincts
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Donna DeNardo Grogan
Great story loved it .At one point a thought Her father might have been the Russian. or her sister would go after her. But loved this glad I was wrong....️...️
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Thank you Author for an amazing Book
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Lizzy Sweet
I loved the book. It kinda feels like there is a second one?
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