Chapter 16


I watched as Kiara looked down at her feet as dad yelled. She didn’t understand what we had done, but she should’ve been smarter than think that we would do nothing at night.

Artur shook his head at me, his eyes hardening as he looked at me and I frowned in confusion at his change of demeanor. He was never one to care about what happened when it did. It was something that we all loved about him, no matter what happened, he was always chilled and calm.

I looked at Ivan who was looking at his dad who was glaring at us. Kiara didn’t answer dad, however, she turned around to go back up to her room rather than join us in the dining room.

“Kiara…” Arda tried, but she didn’t answer. It was literally a minute later when she walked back down, holding her purse in her hand, she walked out of the house, slamming the door shut behind her.

“The woman had nothing to do with the men’s actions, Damien

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