Welcome to hell (Meeting the second prince, prince of envy leviathan)


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

                   Episode 15

                Angela's POV 

We made our way towards the next archdemon kingdom in hell.... 

Due to what we took from carmella,we could no longer feel the heat of hell.... 

Staring at the path which seems a bit weird because of the skulls all over.... 

Leviathan, the archdemon of envy seems brutal 

The kingdom was dark.... more like a dark castle 

Staring around, I couldn't see a damn thing 

"Now here is the plan..... as we go in remember to be smart 

Strength isn't needed in this battle.... you need to be smart in other to pass this prince of hell....! "Carmella explained as we listened attentively 

"Leviathan is the p

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