“What… What did you…. Say?”

“I like you and wanted to be in a relationship with you so if that’s not gay then I don’t know what it is anymore” He repeated

“You like me?” Blaine said while looking at him unbelievably

“You didn’t know?” Almothean was kind of angry. He took a deep breath to calm himself

“Well, you never say it and it’s not like we know each other for that long so I didn’t know how you like me.” Blaine reasoned out

“We know each other for a couple of years Blaine  and I like you eversince the incident. And you’re the only one who forgets. I still remember all our memories together.”

Blaine was stunned. He felt guilty for some reason but he couldn’t take back what he said

“I’m…. I’m sorry”

Almothean stayed silent so Blaine felt even more guilty.


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