Two Hundred-Twenty-Nine

As our bodies calm, they slowly shift back to our normal bodies. I remove my canines and swipe my tongue over my bite. Zachariah growls low and holds me tight to him. However, I whimper as he pulls out of me but he does not put me down. Instead, he walks a few steps to the side and around the tree.

I shiver as the cool water touches my hot and sweaty body. Once we are in the middle of what must be a lake, he stops and allows the water to surround me. After my body cools, Zachariah starts the burn within me once more as he places a soft kiss on my lips and then trails them over my body.

Zachariah makes the pleasure build slowly this time, as most of his anger has now been calmed. When I can’t take his slow build any longer, I slide one hand between us and wrap it around his cock. I move and lift my hips just a fraction and use my hand to slide him back inside me.

I let out a mix of a purr and a growl at the sudden increase of pleasure that flows through me. I then smile as I start m
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