Chapter 80

   Immediately, Davidson stood up and followed Lu. He didn't know what to say at that point because he wasn't even sure if the person was Alita or her look alike. Even if he tries to stop Lu now, it would be a total waste of time because the brother he has is not ready to stop for a few seconds.

     As he rushed after Lu thinking of every possible thing to do to get Lu to stay a little, his phone vibrated. Still walking fast, he brought it out to see who the caller or message was from.

   His bright face went cold and white, seconds ago he was trying to tell Lu to be calm now he would have to tell her that he lost her. Funny enough it happened so fast that he didn't want to believe that it was real.

   With his blue eyes still on Lu's back, he moved to the side to quickly place a call on one of his men. For sure he knows that they can not just get to her under

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