Chapter 11 - Cassidy

I managed to make it through the last two classes of the day without incident. And by that, I mean Collin hasn’t tried to corner me again. Maybe he got the memo that I will kick his ass.

I gathered my stuff and managed to locate Riko. It wasn’t hard just look for the Frost brothers and assume she’s in the middle. I rolled my eyes, and I approached and overheard them talking.

The brothers were calling themselves Riko’s boyfriends. I mean more power to her if she can handle them and the level of hate their adoring fans will throw at her. I’ll help deflect what I can. 

I snickered, not the least bit surprised that Riko isn’t supposed to date. From what she’s told me in our few talks, her dad is pretty strict. Just another reason to be glad I don’t have one. 


Chapters are posted Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Yay double chapter day! Obviously there is more to what happened between Cassidy and Brant than we are being told and than we learned in The Princes of Ravenwood book. Collin has his work cut out of him that's for sure.

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I'm sorry. *points at André D'Amore* it's his fault. I intend to make up for it with a double post
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Will there be a Saturday posting of a new chapter? I'm really bummed if not!!!
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Me, too! In a big way. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories. I feel so happy to read from your thoroughly enjoyable created worlds embodied by these fantastic people! <3<3<3

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