Chapter 10 - Cassidy

I know my faults. I’m more aware of them than anyone who enjoys pointing them out. And I know I have a short fuse. It’s just my nature, and I can’t help it or really change it. I try to control it. And given I don’t get into a fight every day, I think I’m doing a damn good job of it.

Something about Brant Jones, though, his very existence, the fact I have to see his smug face every fucking day at school, sets me on edge. I wanted to transfer schools after what he did to me. But mom was right. If I did that, it would be giving him a victory. And I will not let that piece of shit win, EVER.

So to hear that he propositioned Riko, that he treated her like that. I’ve been seeing red since. She’s new here, and I don’t want her or anyone to ever go through what I did. I’ll kill that fucker before I let him do what he did to me to anyone else. 


Sorry that I didn't post on Tuesday. Got side tracked by werewolves, specially the fabulous Andre D'Amore. But to make up for it DOUBLE CHAPTER! Chapters are otherwise posted Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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Loving this story! Excited to read about Andre! Thanks for the notice.

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