Chapter 13 - Collin

I tried to catch Cassidy at her locker before practice, but she was already slamming it shut, walking away when I got there. Fuck. Well, maybe I can catch her after practice. I mean, she’ll still be around for detention. 

So instead, I haul ass to the gym. We were down one player with Ben in New Orleans for his grandfather’s funeral. But that means one of our bench players gets a chance to play. Not that it matters since Ben will be back before next week’s game. 

“Did you get to talk to Frost at lunch?” Justin nodded his head in greeting. “No, he was having a private lunch with Riko. I’m not big on being the third wheel.” I shrugged and started to change into my practice gear.

“Talk to me about what? Or since you said lunch, talk to Darius about what?” Frost called out as he tossed his bag on the bench next to me. Well, that confirms Darius is in my lunch period. And I’m pretty sure it’s Elijah in English. And so this is Forrest.

“Oh, hey, m


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Karina Vazquez
Collin is a persistent guy. I would have given up already. No way I am tutoring with that much hostility
goodnovel comment avatar
Cassidy is being fairly ridiculous….
goodnovel comment avatar
I like Collin but Cassidy needs to chill some

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