Chapter 47 - Cassidy

It was very suspicious that I didn’t see Collin after fourth period. The boy had been more reliable than the bus schedule when it came to being there to walk with me after class.

It made me nervous. Like, did something happen? He hasn’t texted me. Or is he up to something? Ugh, he better not be up to something. I do not like surprises.

And it didn’t help that Brant was giving me the dirtiest looks at lunch, whispering to his friends. What’s his fucking problem? Other than that, his head is wedged up his ass?

“Mind if we join you?” Ben smiled as he, Zach, and a couple of other guys from the basketball team sat at my otherwise empty table.

“Free country.” I shrugged.

I generally eat lunch alone, given I don’t have a lot of friends, and what friends I have don’t have the same lunch period. I can only assume Ben and these guys are sitting here because I’m dating Collin.

Not sure how I feel about that. Though I noticed Brant and his ass kissers stopped looking in my direction. So I gu

Sigh, too bad about that Massachusetts law that says you can't record someone without consent.

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Cindy Sebastian
love your book and all the characters. Don't forget the Federal Law you can't record a conversation if it's more than one person's conversation without telling them but you can if it's a two person conversation
goodnovel comment avatar
Jenifer Vlajkov
Is there a schedule for updates?
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Kelly
such a shame but at least the truth is out there

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