Chapter 20: White Mane!

The large lion man lifted his sword and dropped it on his shoulder as he examined his handy work.

"Now, little wolf, it's your turn next." He said, locking his sharp yellow eyes with her's.

Luna was out of rage that this beast had dared lay a hand on her master, feeling her rage build up inside.

"You'll pay for that!" She said as she let her transformation take full effect, turning into a huge werewolf and letting out a terrifying howl.

"W-w-what the fuck is that!" The man they had kidnapped shouted as he scurried away fro. her, trying to get back to his boss for protection.

The lion-man looked at her with interest, liking what he saw before he stuck his sword into the ground.

"Show me what you've got, bitch!" He then roared as he charged towards her.

Luna did the same and the two classed in a vicious exchange of power, inte


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