Robert's vision broadened in shock, an image flashed through his mind as his whole body shook in anxiety. The image Of the girl deep in the woods flared through his head, her sparkling green eyes which held so much stiffness when she talked, her red lips moved to the rhythm of the heartbeat. 

His hazel eyes flickered with so much shock as he stared at the old woman, "A witch?" He mumbled with indecisive emotions.

Mother Wakilimati nodded in affirmative, "Yes a witch, meet her and she will help you because a great war is coming your way. That is all I can say to you, there is no other one to help you apart from her" she stated stiffly, slowly she stood up, the stick in her hand for support. A gentle breeze came into the room through the small window beside them, adding more sensation into Robert who stood up facing the old woman.

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