Chapter 242

Osiris’ pov

“Could you do that thing you do? You know, that makes people talk?” Lily asked when we were getting ready to bed.

“You mean torture them? I thought we stopped torturing people.” I replied.

Lily started to laugh and put her hands over her forehead. “O my goddess. No Os. No.”

She laughed so hard, she had to take a break before talking again. When she finally stopped and took a deep breath, she asked me what she had really meant.

“O my Goddess. That was funny. So no, everyone at dinner was so awkward. Eddie or Ward was so weird and dad looked a bit depressed. Charlotte was sad too, but I already know why. Could you maybe talk to them or whatever you did last time? Anything to make them open up to you and be normal again.”

I shrugged, “I can try. But I have no idea if Eddie even wants to talk to me.”

Lily stood on her toes and gave me a kiss, “thank you. Maybe he feels better opening up to you. And dad too. Maybe something is going on with Samira?”

“So now we’re playin
Naomi D.

I had some extra time to write another chapter. hope you like it!

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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
Samantha White Riley
Poor Eddie! Heart break at any age is difficult!
goodnovel comment avatar
It was a nice approach from Osiris, I liked it!
goodnovel comment avatar
Ariel Reneé Minor
oh no! poor Eddie! I was hoping they would love each other but maybe Eddie needs to go through this.

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