Chapter 260

Mei’s pov

It had been so hard saying goodbye to Eddie. But I knew postponing it, would only make things harder. When I turned eighteen I would be leaving and I couldn’t ask Eddie to follow me. He needed to be the Alpha, it was his destiny. He would be a great Alpha too, I was sure. He was kind, caring and protective.

So when I left the Iron River pack, we broke things off, just like we had promised each other. I knew Eddie was heartbroken, I was heartbroken too. But this was for the better. I was sure. Well, mostly sure, because I kept longing for Eddie. Kept thinking about that magical weekend, our first time together and the times after that.

Eddie had his eighteen’s birthday a few months ago. We tried to be friends, but it wasn’t easy. Eddie kept touching me, just slight touches, like bumping into me or stroking my hair out of my face. I wanted to tell him to stop, but part of me really missed his touch.

At night I would dream about having sex with Eddie and wake up all flustere
Naomi D.

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Comments (9)
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Samantha White Riley
she has been selfish all of her young life. she doesn't understand its about everyone not just her.
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Nicole parson
Did chapter 259 fail for anybody else I can get the other chapters just not that one
goodnovel comment avatar
Ariel Reneé Minor
I agree with Fen and Jean Jeanthale. I'm so mad at Mei for taking off like that just to avoid finding out Eddie is her mate. this chapter is great though.

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