Chapter 261

Eddie’s pov

It’s been a month now since Mei left and I can’t even think straight. I have to get her back. One way or another. I know she’s my mate. I just have this strong feeling that Mei is supposed to be mine.

Last week Mei called Beta Eros and told him she wanted to stay in Singapore forever. That she wasn’t coming back and had joined her old pack. So that’s what she had planned. That is why she broke it off with me, because she wanted to move back to her old pack.

Was she so miserable here? She had some friends, she had me and her family. She had her brothers and sisters, that she would miss. I didn’t understand it.

“Yeah, but she has a family there too. And friends. Her mom is from Singapore and her memories of her are there,” my wolf Adrian said.

He wasn’t as pissed off and worried as I was. Maybe because he never got to meet Mei’s wolf and feel that connection.

But I was angry. I was sad. I was feeling a lot of things and none of them were positive feelings. I just didn’t
Naomi D.

Did Mei redeem herself a bit? Life in Singapore wasn't what she thought it would be.

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goodnovel comment avatar
She was definitely just scared. Everyone acts like being a Luna should be every females desire, but it’s a huge responsibility and she is so young still, she doesn’t even know who she is yet. Lily went through the exact same thing with Osiris
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nicety jerk
awwww so cute
goodnovel comment avatar
Ariel Reneé Minor
I'm not crying! ... I'm so glad she gave in to the bond! I don't think she's redeemed herself yet, but I'm happy that she got a taste of life that showed her how to appreciate what she has.

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