It was as if Zane already experience the same day all over again – him standing just right in front of the borderline that separates Moon Stone and Crescent Luna with Tyr and Zeev on his both sides. It was going to be their third attempt to search the other pack’s territory after finding nothing again during their second try. They didn’t find any clue from the west and south part of their borders, so they were going for north this time which was a bit further and difficult to infiltrate without going through one of the main camp of Crescent Luna.

For the past two days they went there and studied the structure of the territory, they guessed that it was almost the same with Moon Stone with their point of direction from north to south, and east to west. Aside from the main camp and other major location in the heart of Crescent Luna, their borders were located almost the same way in Moon Stone when you’re facing the sun at the horizon. Although a bit small

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