Chapter Eighty

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Alora eyes glistened under the thousands lights above us. It was like a shade of purple only that it appeared like crystals had been trapped in them and as the bright lights passed through it, it splitted into different colors. Orange from the theme of the party, its color splashing from the room across her eyes, and a silver shadow in its wake.

It was beautiful.

She was beautiful.

Like a sea of nothingness, I was lost in them. A space where nothing existed except her.

Her face, eyes, hair and body.

With her arms around my neck, heat radiated off me, a slick seat glided through the back of my forehead despite the cold air.

But that wasn't the most beautiful thing about this moment. It was the way we moved in sync, our short breath slamming against each other as the dance made me breathless.

I didn't see myself as a good dancer, but with Alora, every misturn was made into some perfe
Chimdi Jane Samuel

**This is intense. I'm happy to see Ares finally starting to admit his feelings for Alora and even go ahead to tease her about what she said earlier to the girls. It's nice to see them loosening around each other. But the night just had to progress into the full moon. Ares' curse tearing him apart and leaving him to succumb to the best inside of me. We get to see Ares' wolf in the next chapter. The other part of him that has just been introduced for the first time in the book. What are your expectations? Would Alora see him like this? How would she react to seeing Ares' wolf? Would Ezra do anything to hurt Ares? Or would Ares be the one to hurt Alora and everyone around him? Find out in the next chapter. See you tomorrow, Jane♥️

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Ollie Nq
Lol thanks for the tip…. I have like 5 unfinished novels the author has abandoned. So sad.. but also a few really good ones!! Lmk if u want a Rec.
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She is editing. Give her a minute. She wants to put out a decent chapter without errors. She will get it here soon. I know it is exciting and hard to wait. It will be worth it. a weeks wait is nothing. Don't read Alpha Asher . The author goes up to a month without updates.
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Adell Watson
I won’t be reading anymore of your novels because it takes you to long to update we spend money to read them you not serious about updates for your readers please finish this novel

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