Chapter 12


As much as I wanted to chase after him to demand answers, I knew it was for the best. Things were far too complicated. It wasn’t like I had any expectations between us. As far as I was concerned, even if it were just one time, I would cherish that memory.

What concerned me is when he mentioned a curse. From what I have heard is that witches had been wiped out by the rogues. There is also speculation that they are the ones that created them and just went into hiding.

I guess that could be it, but if that had been the case, we would have noticed traces of magic. We might not be able to use magic, but as werewolves, we were, in a sense, magical creatures. For as far back as I could recall, witches and werewolves were natural-born enemies, along with vampires.

If there was some sort of curse on Ryker, it would make sense. Except, if he were cursed for being a werewolf, wouldn’t the rest of us be as well? The biggest question was, what kind of curse was it?

I now had an objective o
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