Chapter 82: Unfolding


We managed to reach the vehicle, but the rogues were hot on our tail. We needed to thin out the herd or we weren’t going to be able to get out. Leo and Theo quickly placed the cure in the vehicle, so they could help us without damaging the cure.

I only managed to knock twenty or so off them, but their numbers have already more than multiplied. By now I pulled the pistol out of my thigh holster and jumped onto the vehicle. The others were shooting at the ones closest to us or fighting them off.

I tried to take out as many of the ones further back as I could. With a pistol in each hand, I continued to fire at the rogues, but there were so many. The Alpha King joined me on the top vehicle.

“There are too many of them!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“I just received word that help is on the way.” The Alpha King said as he fired rounds from his pistols at the rogues.

It was good news that help was on the way, but I wasn’t sure if we could hold them back. Typically, I would rush
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