12; Leaving Lygard


I sensed something was wrong the minute I felt a build up of pain in my head. I growled and the rest of my sparring partners surrendered in an instant while I turned around to see what was the cause of my discomfort.

It was Emerald, Yvonne must’ve been mad to have actually kept her arm around Emerald’s neck, hoping to get her to surrender. I’ve sensed Emerald’s wolf – she’s stubborn! I knew Emerald would die if I didn’t do something but I didn’t want to look like a hypocrite in front of everyone so I mind-linked with keiran to stop Yvonne. 

“ What are you doing?! She was about to-“

“ – you were about to kill her!” keiran growled at Yvonne louder than how I’d ordered him to. 

He carried her straight to the healers for treatment and all I could feel in that moment was pain – Emerald’s pain. What could she have possibly gone through for her

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