Chapter 03_ BARBIE DOLL

He was taller than her that Elsa feel herself look like a child in his arms.

She drifted her eyes to his and almost got lost. He has a gray eyes that sprinkles like fire.

The man cleared his throat and Elsa shifted back immediately, regaining herself.

“H…hi” Elsa muttered adjoining her glasses.

The man smile and Elsa almost drool but pushed herself not to. Deep down in her, she knows the man was doing something to her.

He's playing with her mind and body.

“Hey Barbie doll, I just want to give you a ride home?” The man said, and his voice was so deep.

Where have I heard the voice before? Elsa pinched herself.

“Don't hurt yourself” The man said and Elsa blinked.

“Uhm… No, thanks, I can trek home” Elsa said and turned to leave.

“Is your mum going to flog you? For a man riding you home.” The man laughed and Elsa stopped.

Elsa stared at him. He was right, her mum is going to kill her If she sees her come down from the car.

The car look expensive and the man doesn't even look like a poor man. He smells Wealth.

“Don't talk about my mum like that” Elsa said calmly.

“Then let me give you a ride. Barbie doll?” The man winked and Elsa drool.

How can someone be handsome and perfect at the same time?

“I'm fine. And I can walk home” She stood her ground.

“Come on! This should be the first time you're seeing me. Don't be a hard girl, Barbie, and just let me ride you. I'm not going to hurt you” Elsa said and surprisingly Elsa felt she could trust the man.

Despite his hard look, he's still handsome.

“Okay” Elsa said.

“Thanks Barbie doll” The man winked and put on his black glasses which covered his eyes.

Better! Elsa growled. That eyes were driving her crazy.

“My name is not Barbie doll. I'm Elsa. And you're?” Elsa stood beside the car.

Some feet's away from the strange man.

The man just smiled. “Figure it out yourself”


“Come on, Barbie doll. No questions, just get in” The man said.



“Thank you” Elsa said as she got down from the car.

She had insisted he drop her at the neighborhood, and then she'll trek home. It isn't far anymore. First she doesn't want her parents seeing her and next he doesn't want the man to know her house.

The man only nodded as the car drove off. Elsa smiled.

“Woown!” Someone screamed behind her and Elsa jumped in fears, hoping it isn't Marina.

“Jeez Alice! You scared the shit out of me!” Elsa whined and picked up her book that had slipped off her hand in fear.

Woown!” Alice said again.

“What” Elsa rolled her eyes. She was still pissed with Alice.

She wasn't scared that Alice will tell her parents that she catch her with a man. Alice isn't a gossiper, She's somehow lovely, but she's a badass.

“Damn Elsa. Who's that?” Alice asked.

“Who?” Elsa said.

She pretended not to know what she was talking about.

“Don't act like a child, know, Elsa. Is that your man? Damn, His car Is a baby!” Alice whined.

For once, Elsa felt she needed to make her believe something.

“Yeah. That's my boyfriend” Elsa lied.

“Good! I didn't get to see him, but I know definitely he's going to be hot. I mean his car already explained it” Alice said.

They've entered the house now, and Elsa was glad no one was home yet.

“Stop already Alice. I'm so pissed off with you” Elsa said falling on the couch.

“What? About last night?” Alice asked.

Elsa nodded. “Yeah! You guys left me''

“We didn't. We couldn't find you when we wanted to go home”.

Elsa said believing Alice. “Then why did Marlene lied to mum that she didn't know my whereabout?"

“Yeah. That's my boyfriend” Elsa lied.

“Good! I didn't get to see him, but I know definitely he's going to be hot. I mean his car already explained it” Alice said.

They've entered the house now, and Elsa was glad no one was home yet.

“Stop it already Alice. I'm so pissed off with you” Elsa said falling on the couch.

“What? About last night?” Alice asked.

Elsa nodded. “Yeah! You guys left me''

“We didn't. We couldn't find you when we wanted to go home”.

Elsa nodded, believing Alice. “Then why did Marlene lied to mum that she didn't know my whereabouts”

“She did?” Alice asked.

“Mmm” Elsa nodded.

“You know Marlene is cunny. I'm sorry for that” Alice said.

“Yes. You should” Elsa said.

The living room door opened and Marlene entered.

“Thank God you're here, Alice!” Marlene grinned, rushing over to sit down.

“Is everything okay?" Alice asked and Marlene nodded.

Elsa watched them.

Marlene always acts like she doesn't exist,, so she's already used to being ignored by her sister.

“My boyfriend wants us to go to an all-night party with him! I don't know think my mum will allow me, and…. You know I've a wide mouth sister” Marlene rolled her eyes at Elsa.

Elsa swallowed.

“Wow! How about lie to them, you're going to an all-night prayer session?” Alice said.

“Yew! I know you'd come up of something. That's my excuse, and you're coming to me, right ?” Marlene said.

“Of course” Alice smiled.

“What about you? Sister!” There was mockery in her tone when she called Elsa, Sister.

“No” Elsa said and stood up.

She hadn't even recovered from the one they went last night. She'd never go out with Marina again.

“Better for you. Black ass!” Marina yelled.

Elsa ignored her and walked to her room. She shut the door behind and fall on the bed tiredly.

Gosh.” She whined.

  "Elsa" Marina walked back in.


"I heard you've gotten a boyfriend" her tone has mockery in it.

"Well, Yes" Elsa replied , not looking at her.

  "You sure be careful, You won't want mum finding out, and I hope you not stoop low again to allow them pass between your legs and report to dad how he screw you" Marina said laughing.

"See you" She walked out.

   Elsa sighed, trying so hard not to remember the past. She should go see her therapist again.

  Over the years she has always tried not to remember anything that has to do with the past, but Marina always bring back the memories.

She sighed and sat up from her bed, walked to her drawer and pull it open. She then brought out one of the novel the therapist has given her two years back. She had left it there, guess she needs it now.

  She dust it and walked back to sit on her bed. 


"Don't tell me that May! She owns every same right Marina owns!" Mr. Smith yelled.

"Oh, really? No she doesn't.. that thing there you called a daughter don't own the same right as my daughter" 

   "May! She's my daughter, our daughter!" Mr. Smith said half yelling.

"Incase you've forgotten Smith, let me remind you,Elsa is not my daughter" May yelled.

"Stop May! We agreed not to even remind her of her mother" Mr Smith said.

"Well I'm just reminding you! I was supposed to be your first wife because I gave birth to your child first. But you chose her mum a year after losing connection with me, Why? Because she had that bastard!" 

"My daughter is not a bastard May. Watch your language" Mr Smith said.

  "Well, I'm greatful she's died, I still have my place! The hatred I have for her always will be melted on her daughter" May smirked.

"Don't be cruel May"

"Move out of my way!" Mrs Smith said and brushed out of the room furiously.


  Elsa hid behind the door and watched her mum walk past. All this years she has believed May was her mother. 

She walked inside her father's room who was pacing up and down the room.

  "Daddy" Elsa whispered.

Her voice was surprisingly so low that she couldn't hear herself.

"Elsa! Why are you here... What..." Elsa cut him short.

  "Is it true? What I heard.... Is not true, right daddy? You told me she's my mother" Elsa said trying hard to resist the tears.

It's a lie, her ears are playing tricks on her. 

    "Elsa..." Mr Smith was saying.

"Tell me it's a fucking lie! Is this the reason I was being treated differently? Is this the reason she hates me! She isn't my god-damned mother!' Elsa yelled.

"I can explain Elsa"

"Damn it dad! All this years you've been lying to me? Why didn't you tell me my mom is dead? Wait.... What Happened to my mum?" Elsa said.

"Elsa, let me explain, please" Mr Smith said.

  "I don't need your explanation!! What the fuck happened to my mother!" 

"She died... While birthing you" Mr Smith said slowly.

   Elsa stood and stared at him... He's kidding, this is a fucking joke! Maybe a dream.... She need to wake up.

Her heart start beating more than usual, she felt her heart trying to burst. She held her chest painfully.

  "My drug...." She whispered.

"Elsa, Look at me Elsa!" She heard her father's voice.

  "Daddy.... My drug!" She whispered again.


Elsa opened her eyes slowly, then shut it again. Her head was seriously itching her.

  "She's awake!" She heard a voice and could that that was her father's voice.

She remained quiet for some seconds before she was finally able to open her eyes.

  Her eyes meet with that of her father and she slowly tried to sit up.

"Stay still Elsa" Mr Smith said.

  Elsa stared at him as the memories of what happened replayed in her mind.

   *May! She's my daughter, our daughter!" Mr. Smith said half yelling.*

*Incase you've forgotten Smith, let me remind you,Elsa is not my daughter" May yelled.*

Elsa stared at the sitting room and saw Marina and Mrs Smith sitting,staring at her.

"What is wrong with you? Are you pregnant? Why did you suddenly black out!" May yelled immediately sitting up from the sofa she was sitting on.

  "I'm talking to you, you little piece of trash! Sit up there and get your ass to the kitchen, am damn hungry." May cursed.

Elsa turned to look at her father who faced down. Elsa felt cheated on. Now she could clearly understand where the hatred from May came from. It was because she's not her daughter and because her father married Elsa's mother first.

  "Marina should fix the food herself, she's a lady after all" Elsa snapped and sat upright.

Her dad, May and Marina stared at her in ultimate shock. She could tell they don't believe she can talk back to her stepmom,Well... Elsa think it's high time she crawl out of this tiny little dark world of hers.

  "Did... You just talk back at me!? Her stepmom, May yelled and before Elsa could reply , she slapped her.

 Elsa placed her hand on her cheeks in tears, Marina sat still... Smirking, probably enjoying the little show.

"May, that's enough" Her dad said slowly sitting up.

Why is he this weak? Why can't he sit up and talk with authority?! Elsa wondered.

  "Wow! I know you're going to support her. Weren't you here when this little thing talked back to me!" May yelled.

Elsa fought back the tears threatening to fall off her eyes. She stared at her dad and she would say... She wished he was not her father.

  She brushed past her stepmom and ran out the house, Then finally the tears fell off her eyes. 

She felt that her world had crumbled.. She've never lived a happy life, Whileas everyone is enjoying, She's always in pain.


Why didn't her father tell her May isn't her real mother? Why did he ignore the fact that she wasn't treating her right? Who is my mother?" She asked no one in particular.

  Elsa have a lot of questions but unfortunately, there's no one there to give answers to her questions.

She was walking down the street now and She's still in tears, Elsa find a tree nearby and sat down and faceplamed herself and cried more. 

She need to cry... Cry and take all her sorrows away. She don't want to return to that house again, she don't want to have anything doing with them. She wish to be away .. far away from all of them.

  Elsa brought out her phone from her pants. She wanted to call Olivia and ask if she could come stay at her place till she decides what next to do.

Olivia's phone wasn't connecting, and it was starting to rain.

Elsa stood in the rain. Not wanting to return to the house again. She doesn't know where to go. The thought of going to Alice's house came to her mind.

She can stay there for the night. She sat up and made to walk, she was already drained by the rain.

  "Barbie Doll...." She heard behind her and she turned immediately.

And there... Stood the man , she doesn't even know.

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