Chapter 14_Who gets hurt at the end?

Radon walked outside the house and then walk to his car. His driver opened the door and as he made to enter, his phone ring. It was Harden, his right man and best friend.

  "What?' Radon said immediately he picked up the phone. He entered the car and sits, the driver didn't start the car. He waited for him to finish his call.

"Is your fucking job, You do it!" Radon said.

"I can't boss, I'm at the ware house and you have no lot A.M at work" Harden said.

   "I don't fucking care, I'm heading north. I've some business to handle and you know it's now or never. Find another to do it! Find Colin or anyone else" Radon said and tapped the driver.

Instructing him to drive. The driver started the engine and slowly drive off.

  "Colin got knocked down by a car, he's hospitalized. Liam is keeping an eye on the damn betrayer, there's no one else that can do it witho

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