Chapter 44_Why are you after Elsa?

Alice was able to drive faster than the men shooting at them. Eventually she lost them but Elsa wasn't okay.

Her panic attack started and she wasn't with her drugs. She believe she's okay, Maybe she's just , it was just Radon who had become her drug.

"Elsa wait a little while, I'll drive to the store" Alice patted him and all Elsa could do was just to nod. She felt her heart trying to burst in a minute or so.

She closed her eyes and tried to picture Radon's face , maybe that can help. But it wasn't working. She felt her body becoming numb and shot her eyes tighter trying not to cry.

She'd tell herself she's already strong, strong enough to fight and defend herself. She can now handle a gun, she can now Punch an enemy but then.... Her past hadn't really left her. Somewhere deep inside her. Lays her dark haunted past.

"Here Elsa. I found it" Alice said opening the drug card and handing it to Elsa. She took it immediately and swallowed immediately. She dozed off seconds later.

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