Chapter 103

Noah's POV

He leans forward slowly pressing his lips to mine.

He brushes his tongue against my lower lip and I open my mouth granting him access. His tongue slips in my mouth as it gently swirls with mine.

I remove my hands from around his neck and slowly trail them along his chest. Feeling the curves of his hard muscles.

I push my hips forward against him and he slowly starts to move his hips. I feel his cock slowly start moving inside me as he slowly pulls it out till just the tip is in. He holds himself there for a moment before slowly pushing his length back in me. My walls are so tight around him I can feel the edge of his head moving inside me.

I hear him moan as I feel his pelvic meet mine. He moves his hips again slowly pulling out till just the head is in before slowly pushing back in.

Abigail Phillips


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Vivienne Musse
Beautiful. Really beautiful
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Nomandla Lholani
...... finally
goodnovel comment avatar
the epilogue is going to be long. Aiden is going to be a main part of that

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