The Little king

The Little king

By:  A.P. Morgan  Completed
Language: English
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Living on the run, the 14-year-old Ryan takes refuge in the woods after seeing his mother murdered. When, at the age of 17, he is captured by the Beta of the Darkmoon Silver Guardians Pack, he ends up finding a family. For a while, Ryan thought he had found a home, but fate plays many tricks. Ryan finds out he doesn\'t have only one mate, but two, and the worst of it, both men. He lived all his life, running away from his mother's mate's pack so he didn't accept the fate that the Moon Goddess had given him. Ryan runs away again, but without knowing, he runs straight into danger. This is the story of Ryan's life, and all of his adventures.

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Maggie Peeler
Ryan's story is heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. His life, his struggles, and the love that he finds. Anyone reading can find something to connect with.
2023-11-01 08:14:13
87 Chapters
Chapter 1
Scarlet grabs Ryan's shoulders, forcing him to pay attention. The panic he saw in his mother's eyes terrified him.- Ryan, it's time to put into practice everything your mother taught you. The people I told you were looking for us found us.Ryan starts whimpering and his mother holds him in her arms.- You must be brave, my little king. You have to run and hide. You have to survive while I distract them.- Mom, I don't want to go without you. Come with me. Let's run away together.- You know that's impossible. They won't give up, and now that they've found our trail, nothing will stop them. They'll use their wolves to sniff us out and when they catch us, they'll kill us.Ryan pressed against his mother's chest, sobbing. All his life, they had moved from city to city, changing their family name with each new destination, surviving as best they could, without a single friend, but always with his mother by his side.- Ryan, are you listening to me?Ryan looks at his mother and nods. Scar
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Chapter 2
- Beta Kevin, patrols have spotted a man camped a mile from the border.- Human?- No. He's a wolf. The patrol only saw him because he got a little closer to the border after a rabbit.- Rogue?¬ They can't check without getting close, but it doesn't smell like one.- A rabbit doesn't kill a wolf's hunger, - he said, with a chuckle.- Who ate a rabbit? – a figure at the door of the pack's house, asks.- Alpha - the two say in unison, tilting the head and revealing the neck.- We have a wolf camped a mile from the border.- Wouldn't it be prudent to send a patrol to capture him? - the alpha asks.- Probably. If he poses no danger, we can release him and drive him away from pack lands. - The beta bows his head, once more, in respect, and, in the company of the chief of patrols, he heads to the place where the wolves trained.- Where is the patrol that saw the man? – the Beta asks.Two men approach in reverence.- It was us Beta- Bring two more men and let's catch a wolf. I want him ali
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Chapter 3
It's been a week since Ryan was captured. For someone used to living in the open air, Ryan was depressed and already barely eating the three meals a day Kevin brought him.- Don't you think it's time for you to tell me your story? - Kevin asks.- Are you going to kill me? - Ryan asks suddenly.- Of course not. Who do you think we are? We don't kill pups. We only kill rogues when they attack the pack. Also, don't you say you're not a rogue? Why would we kill you?Ryan cried in a corner. He had promised his mother to survive at all costs, but in a cell, he was feeling defeated.- If I tell you everything, will you turn me in?- To whom? - Kevin asks, pulling up a chair and sitting down by the railing.- The people who killed my mother. - Answers Ryan without lifting his eyes from the ground.Kevin opened his eyes wide. Over the course of the week, he had warmed to the young man, and now, more than ever, he wanted to hear his full story.- Ryan, no one here is going to hurt you or give i
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Chapter 4
Ryan lifts his head and looks at Kevin. Could he trust that man? He really wanted to confide in someone. He had been alone for so long.- Ryan, trust me and the pack. Tell me your story.And Ryan did. He told everything he remembered and what his mother had confided to him. He told how he lost his mother, and how, for three years, he has been hiding in the woods, eating what he catches and surviving as best he can.Kevin could barely breathe. Ryan was the son of an alpha who wanted to kill him, and Luna had killed his mother. No, Kevin was going to protect that puppy from that horrible pack that wanted him dead.When Ryan finishes, he looks up and asks Kevin to give him the bag he keeps in his backpack and which, he hopes, has part of his mother's ashes.Kevin makes a mental link to the alpha and asks him to authorize him to release Ryan under his responsibility, promising to tell him everything as soon as he gets to the pack house.The alpha authorizes, on the condition that Ryan's b
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Chapter 5
Dylan was sitting at the desk, reviewing the pack's savings, when Kevin slams the door and walks in without waiting for an answer. The Alpha looks up at his Beta, who lands in the chair in front of Dylan's desk.- Why do you knock on the door if you go in without giving me time to answer? - asks, tired of repeating the same thing.Kevin shakes his hand off, which makes Dylan take a deep breath.- Your luck is that before being my Beta you were my nephew. – Dylan leans back in his chair and asks – Did the kid tell you everything?- Yeah, and it's a fucked up story.Kevin tells Ryan's story and Dylan leans forward, resting his elbows on the table and his fists under his chin, listening.When Kevin finishes, Dylan's expression leaves him confused.- What is the reason for this expression?- I don't know Kevin. That kid can bring danger to the pack.'- The pup's not dangerous - Kevin says.- No, the kid isn't, but if he has a pack looking for him, that could bring problems for us.- I und
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Chapter 6
Amy bounces in to the pack house loaded with shopping bags. In fact, there were so many bags that a team of shewolves had to rush to help the driver, who sighed with relief. The purchases were so violent that the young warrior was ready to cry.- Hard day? - Kavin asks, laughing, placing his hand on the man's shoulder.- You can't even imagine Beta. Amy seems so calm and sweet... until she walks into a mall, and turns feral, almost barbaric. We went to 3 malls and she still wasn't satisfied. I almost felt sorry for the shopkeepers, when they said they didn't have the size of the outfit she asked for. I swear there were times I thought she was going to shift.Kavin bursts out laughing and saying:- Ya, that's Amy. If I were you, I'd run and hide before she remembered another store.From inside the pack house, Ama's voice could be heard, shouting orders. The poor warrior bulges out his eyes in fright, looks at Kevin, and runs to the van. Without wasting time, he drove off, leaving Kevin
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Chapter 7
Ryan looks at all the stuff scattered around the room. When Amy enters, he points to a penguin suit he refused to wear. Before Amy can protest, he points to a white Emporio Armani suit and says he likes that one. Amy smiles. Ryan can't imagine that he chose the most expensive piece.The two arrange the clothes in the closet. Underwear, socks, tennis, shoes and accessories, as well as loads of jeans, t-shorts, sweaters and shirts, not to mention the suit and various coats and jackets. The piece of clothing that Ryan liked the most was a leather biker jacket. He'd always liked that kind of jacket, but he'd never dreamed of owning one.The previously empty closet was now completely full. Ryan didn't even know what to say.When they are done, Amy sits down on the bed, and patting the space beside her, asks Ryan to sit down.- I have something else for you – she says, showing a small package with a blue ribbon.- Amy, you've already given me so much.- Shushhh pup, everything was bought wi
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Chapter 8
On the night of the full moon, the entire pack gathered at the door of the pack house for the feast. Every full moon, they do the same. They ate, drank, celebrated, and then, they ran through the forest, and hunted.Dylan decided to make Ryan's official in the pack that night. He also wanted to see Ryan's wolf, as it was a rarity for a werewolf to change so early in life.When everyone has eaten and drunk, Dylan gets up and motions to Kevin, who hands him a glass and knife.- everyone knows Ryan. He wants to be our brother and run under the blessing of the Moon Goddess as a member of the great Darkmoon Silver Guardians Pack. Does anyone have anything to say against him?Ryan looks around nervously and all the members stay silent.- Ryan, came near and repeated after me: I, Ryan, accept to belong to the Darkmoon Silver Guardians Pack….Ryan repeats:- I, Ryan, accept to belong to the Darkmoon Silver Guardians Pack….- I promise to help the pack and its members with everything I can, ev
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Chapter 9
The pack house was in great turmoil. Luna was very excited, she ran around the house to see if everything was perfect.- Luna, take a break and sit down before you have a stroke. - Says Amy, tired of seeing her running around.- You don't understand Amy. Mark is coming. I haven't seen my angel for 5 years.- Angel? - Amy says, rolling her eyes.- Don't roll your eyes at me Amy. Your idiot brother thought it was a good idea to send my son to that school on the other side of the world, and I miss him so much. I want him to arrive and be welcomed by a big party.- All right, I surrender. But stop running around the pack house. You're getting in the way and driving everyone crazy.Sarah pouts and throws herself onto the chair.Amy shakes her head at Luna's childishness and goes to help with the preparations.- Honey, why are you sitting there sulking?- Amy says I'm on the way.Dylan chuckles and bends one knee in front of his wife.- Let the shewolves do their job. How about we both goin
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Chapter 10
- Ryan, are you in love with my son?Ryan gets up, startled.- Amy, I'm not gay. I really like Kevin, but he's just a brother to me.- Are you sure? There's nothing wrong about liking someone of the same sex. In fact, I saw the two of you together and I even wished that when you turned 18 you would find out that you two were mates.- That would never happen. The Moon Goddess knows I'm not gay and I don't believe in mates. My mom had one and look what that did to us.- Ryan, not all wolves are the same. Here in the pack you have hundreds of good examples.- I know Amy, but mates is not for me.Amy sighs- Good night, Ryan.- Good night, Amy.Alone, Ryan puts on his PJ, and lies down.- Why did Amy ask that? Did all the pack think I was gay? - he thinks.He wasn't gay. He had never felt any attraction to any of the pack members. When he was a child, he spent his time learning as much as possible, and in the years he spent in the woods, he spent them alone and without seeking anyone's co
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