Chapter 6 


I looked outside the window, and the leaves were starting to fall. Another season will enter; here I am waiting for Valen’s call. It’s time. We will be going to his company, and I’ll be cooperating with him. I’ll have my father’s last will and, hopefully, have my father’s company back in my hands.

I sighed deeply as I watched the kids run around the wide garden of the main house. Aunt Elina will cook them some sweets today, that’s why they are here. I still can’t understand why they respect Valen and Aunt Elina so much. 

Like in a country, they are the president. The government, but then they also live here in the City of Bloom. My forehead creased, though evading my mind. I heard a knock on the door. 


I looked at Aunt Elina and gave her a small smile. She smiled back and entered my room. 

“How was your therapy?” she asked. 

“It’s great, and I love talking to my doctor,” I answered. 

She went towards me and looked at the window. She smiled again as she saw the kids running around. 

“They look so carefree,” I mumbled. 

She looked at me, and her eyes were full of emotions. 

“I feel sad, Selene,” 

“Why?” I asked jokingly. I know why she’s feeling this way. She already loved me like her own daughter. 

“You’re leaving,” she sadly answered. 

I laughed. 

“I am not yet leaving, Aunt Elina. We will just be finding the will. I'm not yet sure that I’ll have it back already, but don’t worry if we ever find it and I’m back in my normal life, you can always visit me!” 

She didn’t answer me anymore and just pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged her back and felt the warmth of a loving mother from her. How I wish my mom was here to hug me like this also whenever I am sad and need it. 

“Thank you so much, Aunt Elina,” I murmured.

“I don’t want you to go, Selene.”

I can hear the sadness in her voice. It makes my heartache. I do not want to leave but I need this. I don’t belong here with them. Something’s telling me that it’s not right that I will stay here for a long time.

I also want to go back and reclaim what is truly mine because I believe that my dad won’t let this happen if he was alive, he may love my stepmother but I am his top priority, I get what I want. I get what I deserve. 

“Let’s spend my remaining days here with you creating memories, okay Aunt Elina? I’ll be your sweetest daughter!” I cheerfully said. 

Words won’t be enough to thank her for all the generosity she gave me while I was here. I’ll make sure to give back for her kindness one day. 

“Okay! Then come with me and let’s make some cookies for the kids!” she happily said and pulled me out of the room already. 

I giggled as we went down their grand staircase. We went directly to the kitchen and the ingredients were already fixed. Maybe I should create some mini cheesecakes for the kids. 

“Aunt Elina, how about you make some cookies and I’ll make some mini cheesecakes, do you have cream cheese available?” I asked as I started to look at the ingredients on the countertop. 

“Oh, that would be great Selene. I didn’t know that you bake desserts as well,” 

I smiled. 

“And wait, I know I have cream cheese here,” she continued and looked for the ingredients that I am asking her for. 

When daddy was still alive, I really wanted to open my own cafe because I love baking and mixing drinks. But then now, I guess I can’t do it as there is a company waiting for me. 

Aunt Elina gave me the ingredients which are cream cheese, lemon, eggs, sugar, cornstarch, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and crushed graham. I started to create the crust first, with unsalted butter, crushed graham, and sugar. 

“Aunt Elina, let me use the oven okay?!” I shouted as she was on the other side of this wide kitchen. 

I baked the crust for five minutes and started mixing the ingredients for the cheesecake. I was smiling the whole time while making the cheesecake, I love this. I love creating desserts. 

Fifteen minutes into mixing and tasting the cream cheese, I already pre-heated the oven and now it’s ready to be baked for another twenty minutes. I washed my hands after fixing the pre-made cheesecakes in the oven and went outside of the kitchen to look for the kids. 

I heard their tiny little voices in the backyard garden so I went there. As I reached the door I saw them talking to Valen. I stopped and looked at them. 

“Alpha! Alpha!” the other kid jumped while saying that. 

I frowned. Alpha? 

“Yes?” Valen answered while smiling. Wow, he loves kids? 

“Nothing! Thank you for being kind to us, you always let us play here in the main house and Luna Elina would always bake some sweets for us!” the cute little girl with blonde hair said. 

Luna? Aunt Elina? 

I was just staring at them when Valen looked in my direction, he stared at me and looked back at the kids when they started to pull his arm. 

He smiled at them and he pointed at me. The kids looked at me and they smiled. I smiled back and opened the door to get out. 

“Hello, Miss Visitor!” the boy with cute dimples said. 

“Hello sir,” I mumbled and smiled. 

As I was in front of them, I sat down to level with them. They giggled as I smiled sweetly at them. 

“You look so gorgeous, Miss Visitor!” the cute little girl said and went to me. I smiled and gave her a hug. 

“And you also look radiant, my love,” I whispered. She smiled and I stood up. 

“Let’s go kids, Aunt Elina and I already finished making your desserts!” I happily said. They cheered and started walking to the inside of the main house. 

Valen was still there looking at us. I looked at him. 

“Will you also go inside?” I asked. 

He just stared at me for a while. 

“No, I’ll have some things to do,” he coldly said and went out of the way. 

Geez, that man. Sometimes, I can’t understand his mood. Anyway, I shrugged my shoulders and followed the kids inside. My cheesecake is already done and I opened the oven. 

“Wow, is that cheesecake Miss Visitor?” the boy with red hair asked. 

I nodded, “Yes! Do you want some?” I asked. 

He nodded and clapped his hands. But the cheesecakes were still hot so I couldn't put the mixed fruit syrup that I made. 

“But they are still hot. What if you just bring some to your house later when you go home?” I asked because they still can't eat this. I need to refrigerate it. 

“Oh, okay Miss Visitor, I would love to!” he answered. 

The other kids were already eating the cookies that Aunt Elina made when she entered the kitchen. 

“Oh the love kids are here already!” she exclaimed. 

“Hello, Luna Elina!” They greeted her. Her eyes widened and looked at me. I just smiled at her. 

I wonder why they call her Luna. Because that’s a sign of respect for them. I didn’t mind it anymore and just fixed the cheesecakes inside the refrigerator. 

I smiled watching the kids eat. Aunt Elina gave me a warm smile also and I know that I can never forget every moment that I live here. 


I watched her enter the main house. I will be lying to myself if I won’t admit that I am attracted to him but then I am a wolf and she is a human. She has a life different from us, from me. Will I be selfish if I asked her to just stay and I will open myself to her? 

Will my pack accept her if I made her their Luna? I do not have a mate and she is the first woman in my life who I captured my attention like this. The way she talked with the kids earlier I can’t help but imagine that we’ll have kids. 

She’ll be a great mother, her sweet smile. But then I don’t want to cause her another trauma of being with us, it will be hard to sink in. She’s still battling another trauma, I want to help her, talk with her but it’s not right. 

“Alpha,” he looked at Liam, his beta. 


“I have news for you,” Liam said and handed him an envelope. 

He opened it and he knows exactly what it is. 

“We found it,” Liam continued. 

He doesn't know what to feel. Selene will leave his pack once this letter lands in her hands already. He knows that Selene loves it here but he also knows that Selene wants to have everything back.

He sighed deeply. 

“You’re attracted to her,” Liam stated. 

I looked at him and he just laughed at me. 

“I’m sorry Alpha but you are my best friend, Valen. I know you, you were never like this with anyone. I never saw anything like this. You can be selfish and tell her that the letter was not found,” he chuckled and tapped my shoulder. 

I shook my head. 

“No, she wants this. I can't take this away from her just because I am attracted to her,” I mumbled and looked once again at the envelope. 

“You're whipped, Alpha!” Liam teased me. I didn’t mind him anymore and made up my mind. 

I walked inside the main house and found the kids still eating. My mom is also there but Selene is nowhere to be seen. 

My mom looked at me. She smiled. I nodded at her. 

“Your father will be home in a few days, Valen,” she said. 

“Good for him,” I coldly answer. My father already asked for forgiveness, he is always out to still find a way on how to lift the curse. But I am not expecting anything anymore. 

“Where is Selene?” I asked. She just looked at me with those eyes. Of course she’s my mother and she will notice it. 

“Upstairs,” she answered. I turned my back already and went upstairs. As I reached her door I was hesitant to knock at first. 

I sighed. I looked at the envelope I was holding and placed it inside my coat. 

I knocked at her door and a few seconds later, she opened it. I looked at her, directly in her eyes. 

“It’s time.” 

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