Seven: You Look Good in our Bed

Waking up wrapped in Gabriel's arms was magnificent.

Waking up to him flipping me off of his chest to be underneath him while he growled furiously toward the doorway, was terrifying. His eyes were black, and his canines were extended. He held himself over me with ease as if to shield me from the intruder. I pressed myself into the mattress to stay as small as possible.

"Oh, calm down, you big baby." A male voice chimed from the doorway. "I heard our Luna had finally made her way to us, and I wanted to be one of the first to meet her."

I didn't dare move, as Gabriel still held himself protectively over me. If it weren't for the third party in the bedroom, I would have been a very happy woman having him on top of me like that. I bit back my smile as I felt him press down against me as he relaxed his stance. He glanced at me quickly before turning back to glare at the man. I watched fascinated as his teeth and eyes went back to normal.

"Get out," Gabriel gro

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Angelica Frye
I'm into it
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Jennifer Johnson
nice story
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Racquel Buchanan
I will continue to read. I guess I'm hooked...well done!

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