Chapter 5

Third Person Point of View:

“Arda!” She snapped glaring at him.

“You couldn’t have expected me to stay back there after their kids saw me killing the man” Arda snapped back at her “Tatiana, your daughter rushed to tell Alessio, she would have made sure that I was dead before I could think twice”

“You shouldn’t have killed the man in the first place, and especially not in the house!” Tatiana snapped at him. Her eyes glared daggers at the man whose eyes widened in both fear and rage. Fear, because he knew what the woman was capable of, he saw it firsthand how she made one of the strongest men submit to her with just one word. The man was her ultimate soldier, and her biggest pride “nevertheless, we can’t change what already happened. You’ll be staying here for now, and do try staying out of trouble”

“What am I going to be doing here?” Arda asked.

“Train, surely you can’t rule a family’s bloodline being as reckless and stupid as you are” Tatiana said glaring at him “you’ll go back to schooling, I’ll be sure to arrange that, and you’ll start learning how to combat fight, and not fist fight. I’ll also have a therapist treat that idiot brain of yours, what’s left of it anyway”

“That is enough with your insults, Tatiana” Kyle said walking inside the lab where both were arguing “you were preparing him to take his brother’s place as Pakhan. I don’t think that you should be insulting him as much, else you might be the first he decides to kill when he’s in his position”

“He owes me his life for saving his bloody ass from that house. His brother would have had his life in a blink had he known that he was working with us this whole time, and needless to say that even he isn’t stupid enough as not to know that by now” Tatiana said glaring at Arda who shied back in his seat. He knew that Alessio wouldn’t have hesitated to kill him, and with Kiara by his side, the man wouldn’t need to blink twice either. He had been brainwashed to believe that it was Kiara who was behind his big sister’s death to begin with.

“Yes, yes, she had encouraged him to kill Alexandra, we all know the lesson” Kyle said rolling his eyes. It was all part of their plan, keep him reminded of his sister’s death as to ensure that he got their dirty work done. They would give him the ‘medication’ that helped calm him down, or so he believed, and he would give them the information they asked for.

“The main question here would be as so, what are you going to tell boss about this? You know, first you lost Alexandra in there, and now Arda, what’s your backup plan?” Kyle asked looking at his maiden who sighed. She took her gloves off, having been preparing a tube to test on one of her subjects, the men were talking way too much for her liking, and that was only distracting her. She glared at Kyle and nodded at them to leave the lab before she washed her hands, took off her lab coat in a concealed closet and followed them out.

“My tests on him are already done, we’re releasing him soon for his first task. If he manages to get it done, we’ll proceed with the rest” Tatiana said making Kyle frown in confusion.

“Already? The man has proven to you time and time to get out of the trance that he was in at the mention of her name. How do you know that he wouldn’t snap out of it when he sees her?” Kyle asked voicing out his confusion. Tatiana guided the pair to a room by her lab. The glass window allowed them to see everything that was inside, however, the man couldn’t see them through the window despite feeling their presence.

“You have been away for a while, and during that time period we have managed to erase her from his memory. The man can no longer remember who she is, how she looks like, or her name to begin with” Tatiana said confidently “well, at least in terms of her being his lover. He only sees her as his enemy, a threat, someone to kill and get rid of”

“And are you sure that boss would be approving of letting him out? You know that you need his permission before doing anything”

“He wants nothing more than to get rid of them, he has done the mistake of letting the girls live until now. I believe that things would have gone a lot smoother if they had just gotten rid of them years ago, but that is not a problem; our beloved would be doing the job an ensuring that his task is done correctly” she said looking at him with loving eyes. Over the years, Tatiana has grown to love the man she has been working on. She has focused her at her attention on him, focused on him submitting to every word she said, and now she believed that one word from her was enough to turn the world upside down, even against her boss.

“So, you’re sure that this would be working?” They heard the familiar deep, dark voice of the man who had hired them for all of this years ago. He has waited patiently for all of this to happen, only going to events which were held at safe grounds that ensured him not being shot on sight, and though he had countless men waiting to serve him with their lives; he wanted the freedom to do what he pleased, when he pleased, and how he pleased. But to ensure that, he knew that he needed to have the ultimate power. He needed to rule it all, and that was what he aimed for.

“Yes, boss” Tatiana answered.

“And need I ask, what are you doing here?”

“He cannot return to the Aslanov Estate anymore, nor can he be seen out for a while” Tatiana said coldly.

“Why? What is it that you’ve been caught doing?”

“He killed a man in the house, was seen by the two children, and is now under threat of being killed by his own brother” Tatiana said looking at Arda who glared at her. The disappointment in her voice annoyed him, and he knew that Tatiana was doing it on purpose as to make him feel bad or worthless, and at times, he believed that he was.

“I have my own tongue to speak, I don’t need you speaking for me”

“Do you know how to use it? Or is it as useless as your brain?” Tatiana asked raising an eyebrow.

“That is enough, both of you” their boss was amused by their constant arguing, and since both of them knew that they couldn’t harm one another; they settled for constantly insulting each other until one of them chose to back away. Arda looked down at his feet, angry at the fact of having his dignity turned into a mop. But he made sure to remain quiet until the right time came.

“Need I ask what you’ve decided to do? Considering that you have decided to keep the man here, surely you have a plan”

“Yes, I will help train him and educate him. He would also be getting the proper mental treatment as to be able to hold his brother’s position as Pakhan” Tatiana said not looking at Arda.

“And whoever said that I would be allowing him to be Pakhan anymore?”

“What?” Arda asked wide eyed.

“If children can see you killing a man, and I’m assuming going to tell their parents, do you think that you’re fit to be don? Because I don’t”

“Boss, I couldn’t have killed them…”

“I never said shoot them, but a car accident, a small brake damage would have been enough. But no, could you have thought of that? Of course, your small mind isn’t developed enough to consider your own safety and power, how would it consider holding a family, finances, enemies, and businesses?” He asked raising an eyebrow “if you were anything like your brother, I would have considered. Hell, you’re not even as strong or as smart as your sister was”

“Boss, I believe that with proper training, even he can get better” Tatiana said trying to defend the man. She didn’t do it because she liked the man, even he knew her dislike toward him, but she wanted him to owe her something “do give him at least one more chance”

Their boss looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and she nodded waiting for his reaction. He didn’t say a word for a while, but then a minute or so later he nodded as he looked at Arda with a look that told Arda that he was unwanted in the room. The distaste that everyone felt was obvious through their eyes anyway.

“You get one chance, Arda, screw this one up; and I won’t be using my mouth to end this conversation” he said pulling out his gun. Arda gulped but nodded, fearing the man’s reaction, and understanding his words “I expect you to get to work, Tatiana, we’ve wasted enough time with this scrum bag already”

“Yes, boss” Tatiana said. They watched as he left them alone in silence before Arda turned to face Tatiana. He opened his mouth to speak, but the woman shook her head at him.

“Tsk, tsk, love, you are not to say a single word to me. You owe me your life for what I did just now, and I will be sure to get my payment one way or the other” she said looking him in the eye “now, go. Enjoy whatever peace you have to live for now, because believe me, it won’t be lasting for long. Consider this as a ‘vacation’, darling”

Kyle and Tatiana watched as Arda walked out of the room leaving them alone to look at the test subject “do you think that it would work? And that we finally be out of this prison?”

“I know it would work, Kyle. You of all people know that I go by the saying ‘no better way to end this than a bloodline, and in this case, what better candidates than his idiot brother, and assassin cousin?”

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When I read Arda was an enemy it broke my heart. I loved his relationship with Kiara.

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