9. The Lost Lovers

"Well for starters, I own my own company now."

My eyes bulge from his confession.

"What's your company?"

Xavier looks a bit nervous before he says "Davenport Industries".

I sit up alert, and stare at him.

"Wait.. What? As in 'The Davenport Industries? The multimillion dollar tech firm?"

"Billion." Xavier coughs out. 

My eyes go wide as I continue. "The same firm that has everyone from the around the world watching to see what will be designed next. The same Davenport Industries that has a private contract with the government?" 

This time Xavier cuts me off, before I can continue rambling. Xavier brushes hair from my face slowly, meeting my gaze. 

"Yes, the one and only." 

I pause for a second, letting what he said register in my brain. 

"Wait a second, how are you the CEO?" Xavier smirks once again. I don't know what it is, but I love the way he smiles. I love seein

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