The Assassin's Atonement VIII

The Assassin's Atonement VIII

By:  Jeanette Rico  Completed
Language: English
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Ewan is an assassin with a twisted idea of love and a troubled past. As a child, Taryn's heart was stolen by the broody bad boy. Too bad that he was her devious sister's boyfriend. When Ewan disappears, and her sister abandons her and her father to marry a rich older man, Taryn is left to survive. One chance meeting will change their lives forever. Will Ewan see what is meant to be and see the past for what it was? Or will he make the same mistake again, and lose the love of his life?

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Ugh, I’m so sad to be done reading this series.. I’m desperately hoping there will be a few more! Lol all of them were so, so good! Absolutely recommend reading all of them! Amazing job author!! ...
2021-08-03 06:10:36
31 Chapters
Chapter 1: Who I am
Ewan              There’s nothing like bringing justice to those who cannot do it for themselves that makes satisfaction course through my veins. Dalton Corleone and Bonnie Corleone are going to receive a bit of that justice tonight, and I cannot be any more delighted. I watch as the couple sits comfortably in their large mansion, feasting and rebelling while their victims fester in the bowels of their underground torture chamber. Dalton and Bonnie are sociopaths. As a couple, they work with charities under the guise of humanitarianism, but in real life, they’re monsters. They own several homeless shelters and food pantries around the country, which they use for the sole purpose of choosing a victim. They are most assuredly candidates for ironic justice.              Once they choose their prey, they offer the victim an opportu
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Chapter 2: Remember me
Taryn              It’s my twenty-sixth birthday today, and I’m taking the day off from both my jobs to celebrate. I even called my father’s nurse, Willa, to come over and watch him for the day. This is the first time in years that I’ve decided to do something for myself, and I’m determined to enjoy it.              After my father’s stroke ten years ago, I devoted my time and worked hard to take care of him. My mother abandoned us when I was a baby. For years, I live with my dad and my sister, Tamsyn, until she left too.              My father began experiencing health problems years ago. I was eleven when we found out he had to have brain surgery, and my sister Tamsyn was sixteen. I used to worship my sister, Tamsyn. Even though s
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Chapter 3: Completely blindsided
Ewan              Bollocks, I’m such a git. I can’t believe I kissed and touched Taryn, then insulted her. I try not to think about the fact that she felt incredible in my arms. Or that I was taken the moment I saw her. Who knew that little Taryn turned out to be quite the beauty? I guess I never considered it.              After I left her near the beach, I thought about how lonely she seemed, and my heart thawed. It was only on impulse that I stopped at the coffee shop near the pier to buy her the cupcake. I didn’t like the idea that she was spending her birthday on her own. Something about her response made something inside of me ache. She seemed resigned, and it broke my heart.              I remember all of the birthdays I spent alone, and it re
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Chapter 4: It's just me, and that's all I can be
Taryn              I head back to the dressing room as soon as my dance number is over. Sweat glides down my body, and glitter sticks to my skin, making me feel a little itchy. Before I make it to the room, I’m stopped by one of the club’s customers. The guy has been coming around for a couple of weeks, drinking and watching the girls obsessively. At first, I didn’t really pay him much attention because he looks like any other rich asshole who frequents the club, but recently he’s been persistent in getting my attention. He’s one of those men that looks too slick with his perfectly coiffed hair, thousand-dollar suits, and phony smile. I make every effort to avoid his presence when he comes around. It’s not just me, either. A few of the girls have noticed his creepiness. The first time he noticed me, he tried to buy a lap dance, but I refused. I’m not big on lapdances, a
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Chapter 5: Stick to the plan
Ewan              The shop that Taryn works in is not far from my home. I swallow my surprise at the thought that she was always so close, and I didn't have a clue. But I’m here now, and I’m ready to help her.              It’s past noon, and the parking lot is riddled with vehicles.              Carrying a small bag around her shoulder, Taryn walks out of the shop a moment later. She’s wearing a short jean skirt that emphasizes her long legs and a midriff Beatles t-shirt that makes her breasts look like firm, bouncy apples. By the jiggle of her breasts, I wonder if she’s wearing a brassiere. She wasn’t wearing one when I kissed her yesterday. I didn’t feel any straps constricting her silken skin. This time she’s wearing
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Chapter 6: I'm not that girl
Taryn              Of course, Ewan regrets what we did. Jokes on me, though, because I should have known better. This is the man who was in love with my sister. I don’t know why I expected something different.              There are so many layers to him that I don’t know what he’s thinking from one moment to the next. Yet, I’ve never felt so aroused in my life. I loved the feel of his lips and tongue against my body. If Logan hadn’t interrupted, I would have had sex with Ewan tonight. Which would have been a big mistake considering that it was not me he wanted.              Maybe I should take my own advice and stay away from him too.              The club is alread
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Chapter 7: Want and Love
Ewan              “What did you want to talk to me about, Logan?” I ask gruffly as soon as I walk into Logan’s office. I’m still feeling sexually frustrated, and it’s making me irritable.              Logan crooks an arrogant brow and takes a seat in his office chair. “Before we get to that, I want to know what’s going on? How the hell did you end up messing around with Taryn Larson? I thought you were still hung up on Tamsyn?”              I grit my teeth and slump back on the chair. I hate explaining my actions to anyone. However, I know how persistent Logan can be. “It wasn’t premeditated if that’s what you’re wondering. It was strictly coincidental. I was running on the beach the other day whe
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Chapter 8: Cut me to pieces
Taryn              “Is everything alright, Taryn?”  Ryan, my manager, asks after I have to ask him to repeat something for the third time. It’s late in the evening, and I’m ready to go home and forget about my day. “I’m fine. Sorry, I’m just distracted.”              Ryan gives me a dubious nod. “Okay, how about you work the register now and take care of the inventory later?” He says with a friendly smile.              Ryan started working at the shop a couple of months ago. Even though I have a lot more experience, the company hired him because he’s one of the shareholder’s sons. Unfortunately, our working relationship has been rocky from the start. Believe it or not, it’s not because
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Chapter 9: Reevaluate your thoughts
Ewan              I want to run after her and beg her to forgive me. Her words were painfully heartbreaking. To hear her so plainly tell me of her lonely existence is eye-opening. I had an idea that things were difficult for her, but I never considered how difficult.              I will admit that I dreaded walking into her shop, but I also felt a sense of excitement. I want her. However, after hearing her candid request, I have to reason that she’s better off without me. I don’t know if I’m ready to fall in love again or if what I’m feeling is a residual of what I felt for Tamsyn.                “You seem quiet, Ewin. Is something wrong?” Bella asks as she settles her fork down on the table and takes a drink of her wi
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Chapter 10: The party is over
Taryn              I bite my lower lip as we make our way to my neighborhood. Ewan is on his phone, talking to someone. He sounds so commanding and gruff that it makes my heart flutter.              I’m still reeling from the fact that he carries a weapon. After a minute, he rolls his shoulders and disconnects the call.              “We should call the police.” He states angrily.              “There’s no point. They won’t show up until the heat has died down. They don’t care. This isn’t the first time this has happened.” I respond angrily.              Ewan’s jaw ti
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