Sinful  Seduction
Sinful Seduction
Author: Lauretta

Chapter 1

“Don’t you think it’s time?” Chloe questioned, folding her hands against her chest as she stared at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows, immediately averting my gaze as I look out the windshield. Pretending not to know what she was talking about.

“I don’t understand.” I replied, genuinely hoping she would let it go but of course, knowing the kind of person she is, she definitely would not.

I felt her hand against mine, briefly pulling me back to her.

“You know what I am talking about so don’t play dumb. It’s been five months. Five whole months but you’re still stocked on what happened. “ She says in a hushed tone, leaning closer to me as she spoke.

I sighed frustratedly, turning to look at her. I opened my mouth to speak but words couldn’t get out. Looking into her eyes, I could tell she was worried. Worried about me.

“I don’t think—“  I couldn’t complete my words as the car suddenly came to a halt. Jolting us back to reality.

“What’s going on?” Chloe yelled, attracting Liam’s attention.

He turned to look at us, smiling nervously as he scratches his neck,  his eyes flickering between Chloe and I.

“No. I know that look. What have you done Liam?” I snapped but paused on seeing the person or rather people walking  towards the car.

“See, it’s just for the weekend. You can at least try to not fight with him.” Liam says nervously.

The door suddenly gets open, revealing him. Adonis Green.

I rolled my eyes, immediately looking away only to catch Liam’s eyes, silently pleading with me.

“Wassup bro? Hey Chloe” Adonis greeted, fist bumping Liam and smiled at Chloe . I felt his eyes momentarily on me.

“Lola.” He called out my name but I wasn’t planning on responding. After all I didn’t invite him.

I sucked in my breathe when I felt Chloe nudge me in the ribs. Snapping my eyes at her angrily.

“Adonis.” I gritted out, responding to his alleged ‘greeting’

“Babe, you didn’t wait up for me.” I heard someone say, looking only to see some blondie hop into the car, her eyes shining brightly as she looked around.

“Hi everyone.” She greeted, falling towards Adonis playfully as she waved around. Feeling like some runway model.

“Sorry love, but you’re here now.” Adonis says, pulling her towards him for a quick kiss as she giggled.

I wanted to puke.

“Is this trip about me or him?” I snapped, unable to suppress my emotions any longer.

“Hey, calm your horse. It’s about us.”Adonis says, still staring at his bimbo as he poked her nose whilst she giggled like they were the only one in the car.

I couldn’t stand the scene unfolding in front of me.

“Lola, it’s just for the weekend and you know it’s for you.” Chloe says, placing her hand against mine, in a bid to calm me.

To be honest, I still don’t understand why Liam choose to invite Adonis, knowing just how much he angers me.

“Stop staring at him like you want to bury him 82 miles from here.” Chloe gritted out.

“Everyone doing fine? Everyone okay?” Liam yelled from the driver’s seat.

“All well and good bro, let’s get this weekend started.” Adonis says, glancing at me.

I leaned back against the seat, staring out the windshield in a bid to forget the stunt Liam just pulled.

“Where were we? That’s right. You need to—“ Chloe continued

“Stop please. I am okay and really do not need you constantly reminding me of what I am desperately trying to forget. Please Chloe.” I was already tired of it being constantly brought up. I could do an hour without having to speak about him.

It was constantly on my mind, how could I forget that day. The day it all changed for me.

It’s been five months, two weeks and a day he left me.

I had been dating Damien for five years, those five years were presumably the best years of my life.

I was totally and selflessly in-love with him. I won’t even lie, I did think I would end up with him.

Who would’ve thought it would all end up like this?


“I can’t do this anymore. You barely have time for me. I have to plead and grovel for your attention. I am human. I have blood running through my veins and I can’t do this. I can’t keep lying to you. I’m sorry. I can’t continue this. I have been cheating on you for months now and you didn’t even notice. Funny isn’t it?

I thought it would be one of those flings but it’s turning into something beautiful for me, something I’ve been craving from you and didn’t get. I feel loved and want to devote my entire heart to her. I’m sorry but this, what we shared is over. I’m done with this relationship” *

A lone tear fell to my cheeks as I watched him walk away.

“And we are here” Liam says, jolting me from my thoughts, I snapped my eyes open as the car came to a halt.

“You good? Looks like you were in a deep sleep.” Chloe says as she got out of the car.

“Uh yeah.” I responded, turning back to grab my bag from the boot

I paused on seeing someone grab my bag, a sly smirk laid on his lips as he tugged my bag closer to him


“I’ll help you, Lola.” He says, winking at me.

“I don’t need your help, I can carry my bag without your help.” I snapped, grabbing my bag from him and got down from the car.

Liam and Chloe were now together, standing  as they stared at the place we would be staying for the weekend.

“You know, it won’t take long before you develop wrinkles on your forehead. You are already on that path anyways.” Adonis says.

I resisted the urge to throw the bag and make him fall, hopefully hit his head against a wall.

“Babe.. come on” His bimbo whined, pulling her arms out, pouting as she made grabby hands at him.

I rolled my eyes as I watched him walk towards her.

I got down from the car, pulling my bag closer to me and shut the door. The cold wave of air hits me immediately and I shuddered internally.

“Hurry up, Lola. It’s more beautiful from the inside.” Chloe yelled out, waving at me from the window. A light smile made it’s way to my lips as I looked at her.

“Coming.” I yelled back, dragging my bag towards the house.

Liam had insisted I ‘Come out my shell’ and have fun this weekend. It took a lot to convince me although if I knew Adonis would be coming with. I would’ve declined.

Adonis is Liam’s best friend. Liam is my brother. Chloe is Liam’s girlfriend while the bimbo? She’s just one of Adonis quest.

Which gives me another valid reason to despise him.  He’s an unrepentant womanizer, almost dragging Liam to the pits of hell with his irresponsible and sour attitude. I’ve known Adonis since we were teenagers, we did attend the same high school and trust me, he was/is the worse. No changes whatsoever.

I paused slightly, looking around again. The house was situated just right by the beach, I understand why the air was colder than usual after all we were by the beach.

I inhaled sharply as an unwanted memory came crashing down.

“Lola! Come on.” Chloe yelled again, fortunately distracting me from the memory.

I dragged my bag into the house, wishing I had someone to help with the bag. I felt tired, perhaps because of the long drive I had to endure.

Why is it dark in here? I pondered, trying to get my phone out from my purse so I could use the torch light.

“You could have accepted my help.” I suddenly heard someone say, flinching hard upon being frightened.

“Fuck off, Adonis.” I snapped, placing my hand against my chest as I tried to calm myself.

The lights came on in an instant, looking beside me to see Adonis leaning against the counter, just by the lights control, his arms wrapped against his chest.

A sly smirk laid on his lips as he looked at me.

“I didn’t know you get easily scared buttercup.” He says almost making me barf.

“First off, don’t call me buttercup.” I couldn’t hide the disgust in my voice as I spoke

“Secondly, I wasn’t aware I am not supposed to be scared when a weirdo suddenly pops up and scares me.” I snapped.

God, these few days would be hell with him around.

“Lola? Everything good?” Chloe’s voice distracted me from lashing out the more. I looked by the stairs to see her, standing there watching me. She cocked her head sideways, trying to see who I was talking to considering she could see only from where she stood.

I glanced at Adonis who was now eating an apple, his eyes not leaving me though.

“Absolutely.” I say, eyeing him for the last time and walked over to meet her.

“You good?” She asked, still straining her neck to see who I was speaking to.


“That’s fine, let me show you to your room now. I have to meet Liam, we were supposed to go out for dinner.” She tells me, suddenly clasping her hand against her mouth like she said something she wasn’t supposed to.

I smiled awkwardly, knowing Liam had probably told her not to tell me about their date.

“Ah yes, this is your room and I have to tell you, it’s the best room here. I specifically made sure you got the best.” She tells me, beaming widely as she opened the door to the room.

“Come on in.” She says.

I stepped into the room, squinting my eyes as the lights turned on. Taking look at the room.

Truly it was big, I couldn’t contest that fact even though I haven’t been to the other rooms.

The first thing that caught my eye was the queen sized bed, it was covered in black and white cover set with gold linen.

A faint smile made it’s way to my lips unknowingly, I couldn’t wait to get my body wrapped in the soft embrace of the bed.

I glanced around the room, catching sight of the pale blue thin curtains, bathing the room in pretty sky blue hue. There was large black vanity and bench situated on the right side of the room. The left side led to the spacious bathroom with a walk in double headed onyx shower and a ash grey marble hot tub.

“So? What do you think?” I could hear the excitement oozing through Chloe’s voice, turning to look at her. She had a huge smile on her face as she stared at me expectantly.

I wrapped my arms against my chest, taking a look at the room again.

“Meh, you did your best.” I say dismissively, pretending not to like it. I watched her face turn downcast by my lack of excitement. I knew she took the time to come here and make these arrangements for me, she wanted me to be comfortable.

“Oh, I thought…” she couldn’t complete her sentence. My eyes widened on seeing her sniff, wiping her tears.

She was crying?

“Hey, Chloe. I’m sorry, I love the room, I was only pulling your legs. I am flattered you went this far to make me comfortable.” I rushed out, immediately wrapping my arms around her.

“Chloe, please. I am so sorry.” I pleaded, alarmed by the fact I made her cry. I didn’t think she would cry.

“Yeah that’s what I thought, you should love it. You have no idea how hard it was to get that fucking bed here.” She stated, flicking her tears away and smiled at me.

She was just pretending to cry. I should have known better.

“Fuck you.” I snapped and she laughed, almost falling over as she laughed.

“Oh, you’re hurt I got you hard.”

“Don’t you have a date to get to? Please leave me.” I say, pushing her lightly.

“That’s true, Liam would be waiting but still, I can’t believe you fell for that. You couldn’t stand to see me cry, I had no idea you cared that much.” She says and I groaned. I won’t live this down. She will constantly remind me of today’s incident.

“Get away from me, you pretender.” I yelled, pushing her towards the door.

I wanted her to leave so I could have the bed all to myself.

I opened the door, pushing her out immediately. Just as I was about to shut the door close, she stops me, pushing the door open

“That reminds me, you might run into Adonis quite a number of times here.” She says, scratching the nape of her neck nervously, an awkward chuckle erupting from her, averting my gaze as she looked around, everywhere but me.

I just knew something was wrong.


“His room is next to yours, I have to go now. I’m sorry.” She yelled, shutting the door hard and ran away.

“Chloe!!” I yelled but she was gone.

It’s been two hours now, Chloe and Liam already left for their date although I am quite surprised they still have the energy to walk around after the long drive or perhaps I am the only one feeling tired.

It’s been two hours and all I’ve done is lay on the bed, wrapping the soft duvet over my body and shuddered at the feeling. I was starting to get thirsty so I got up from the bed.

Stretching my waist a bit and slipped into my slippers that I totally did not bring here. Okay, maybe I did but it’s comfortable having your personal things in a strange place, right?

I walked towards the door, about to open the door but paused on remembering what Chloe had told me before leaving. Adonis is staying beside my room and god knows, I don’t want to see him.

I inhaled deeply and opened the door, peeking out a bit but it was clear, he is probably in his room with his Bimbo.

I sighed and closed the door behind me, walking towards the staircase. I clasped my hand over my mouth as I yawned, feeling tired even though I only walked a few steps.

I suddenly remember Adonis telling me ‘it would take time for me to get wrinkles’

Fucking dumbass.

—That’s enough Lola, You’re here to get your mind off things and not get riled up over Adonis— I repeated in my head as I walked to the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but admire the house itself, Chloe was definitely not lying when she said the house was more beautiful on the inside.

I smiled softly, walking towards the obvious refrigerator and pulled it open, a soft gasp left my lips as I looked at the refrigerator.

It was fully stocked. Stocked with every single thing we would need for the next three days.

I pulled out a bottle of water. Is it weird that I feel some sort of fulfillment on seeing the way the stocks were placed in each sections.

It just seemed so right. In my house, I would usually take time to carefully arrange my stocks according to their color, my favorites and sizes.

I shut the refrigerator close and picked a cup, pouring the water into it and drank.

“You know, admiring things like plates and placement of things in the refrigerator only shows how fast you’re aging or perhaps it’s just how weird you are.” I heard someone whisper close to my ear.

I jumped slightly on being frightened for the second time today, turning to see Adonis leaning against the kitchen counter, an apple in his hands although I can tell he’s taken a bite of it.

“So you stood there, watching me admire those things and you just stared. Sounds like you’re the weird and creepy one here. “ I snapped, placing my hand against my chest in a bid to calm down.

“Buttercup-“ he starts and fucking hell. It’s taking everything within me to not throw my cup at him.

“Fuck off, Adonis and don’t call me that, it’s cringey and stupid. Reserve the nicknames for your bimbos and call me by my name. LOLA”

I watched his Adam apple gobble up as I spoke, resisting the urge to roll my eyes.

I placed the bottle back into the refrigerator and washed the cup, trying my hardest to ignore Adonis eyes following my every move.

I wiped my hands dry with the napkin and made my move to walk out only of course to be blocked by him.

“What?” I barked.

“I heard what happened, are you fine?” He asked, touching my shoulders slightly. His usually rough voice was calm and settling, I almost did not believe it was the same Adonis that told  me to go fuck myself is the same person talking.

Well, maybe I would’ve skipped that part if I had not looked up at him.

I pushed his hands away as fast as I could.

“You’re the last person I would talk to about my feelings, stay out of my way Adonis and I will definitely stay out of yours.” I say and walked away.

Something was unsettling about this whole thing. He’s behaving differently with me and I hate it, maybe it’s because of my breakup. Has to be the break up, after all he is here so Liam’s definitely told him.

I walked into the room, shutting the door hard behind me, kicking off my slippers and made my way to the comfort of the bed and it’s softness.

I groaned when I heard my phone going off, I literally just got into bed and now this?

I stood up, walking to the couch where I laced my bag, rummaging through it and took out my phone.

“Hey Lola? It’s Chloe here, I’m just checking on you.” She yelled, I squinted my eyes, taking the phone away from my ears as I tried to recover from her yelling

“I’m fine Chloe, thank you.” I yelled back and cut the call, she was in an extremely noisy place but at least Liam is there with her so i didn’t have to bother about it. I walked back to my bed and lay down, wondering where Chloe and Liam must be.

I couldn’t help but smile on remembering how flustered Liam would get whenever he was near Chloe, he would be so red, one would think he was about to pass out.

Please, don’t even get me started on talking to her, he was a stuttering mess whenever it comes to Chloe.

I would tease him endlessly for not being able to profess his love for her and instead choose to be a secret Santa by leaving gifts for her at every opportunity he got.

It was heartwarming to see him finally confess his love to her and happy ever after. They have been dating for seven years now and are still going strong. I still see the same look of admiration, love and endearment in his eyes whenever he looks at her.

I was bored now. I picked my phone and logged into my I*******m, something I haven’t done in five months and just so you know. I regret ever doing it.

I forgot for a minute why I haven’t gone back to that app, why I avoided going to any other social media app.

The first picture on my feed was him, he wasn’t alone, he was with her. His arms wrapped around her waist, his chin propped against her shoulder, a huge smile on her face. They looked happy.

I turned off the phone, about to put the phone down but it ringed again, I sighed and checked the notifications only to see Chloe’s name.

‘Hey Lola, Liam and I will be home very late tonight so you don’t have to worry, try to have fun and if you don’t, I’ll force you out tomorrow.” She wrote, making me chuckle. I set the phone down and looked away. My mind flashing back to the pictures I had seen.

A tear fell to my cheeks as I thought about how warm he looked with her, how happy his eyes were.

Something I didn’t see while he was with me. He wasn’t happy with me.

I spent hours, curled up in bed, not crying just laying there, thoughtless. I have exhausted my tears that now, seeing that post didn’t make me cry, instead it just made me realize how unhappy he was with me.

I sighed and sat up, I was starting to get hungry or maybe I have been hungry for a while now but decide not to go downstairs yet. It was now midnight, Chloe and Liam should have probably gotten here by now and even be sleeping. Adonis and his bimbo should be in bed to which means, I can go downstairs, search the refrigerator for something edible to eat.

Besides my body was beginning to ache from laying in bed for hours. I paused by the mirror, taking a full look at my appearance. A sigh escaped my lips, I looked thinner than I normally was, my face was rough, my eye bags were more evident than ever and well, I did do that to myself after all. My hair looked rough even though I made sure to brush it clean every single day.

Looking at myself now, I sort of do understand what Damien said. I really did let myself go and the result is this. I was more comfortable and confident wearing clothes I wouldn’t In the past. Looking at myself now, I had a mom jeans on, a stripped long sleeve and a grey boyfriend jacket to match my brown hair was tied into a lazy loose bun, my lips were chapped and rough, my brown eyes were dull. I looked like a worn out, tired woman in her forties even though I’m just twenty four.

Damien didn’t complain about any of these but now I could see it, he would usually complain about the repeated circle of our sex lives. Sex became more like a chore to me and I do take proper blame for it. Damien and I dated for five years but for two years, I completely let myself go and didn’t even realize it. Maybe this breakup was for the best, we did need time apart. I needed the break and didn’t even realize it.

I want to go back to the Lola I was five years ago. The one who wasn’t afraid of anything, the one that loved nature, loved going out, loved the outdoors because this Lola is certainly not the one I was. This Lola’s life was a repeated circle.

Go to work.

Come back home.


Just like that, every single day. It’s become a routine and it only grew worse after the breakup. It took everything in me not to sleep in the company just because I was working and totally didn’t want to go back home. The home I shared with Damien for two years.

I groaned when I felt a sharp pain in my tummy.

—Calm down, I’ll get you food— I whispered, cradling my tummy gently as I put on my slippers, walking out of the room. I would ask Chloe tomorrow if we can go shopping. I’d like to change my entire wardrobe and maybe my look. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Everywhere was quiet. I figured I was the only one awake right now, I began to walk down the stairs, thinking of what I could quickly prepare to quench my hunger when I heard it.

A groan.

My grip against the staircase railing tightened, was that a thief? Now I was alarmed. Maybe someone saw us come in and wanted to come steal. Had to be a thief. I shakily swallowed the lump in my throat as I slowly stepped down, my heart thumping hard in my chest.

-I just hope it won’t be my last day on earth-

I paused on hearing it, a soft moan, followed by another and another. A low grunt.

-The fuck is even happening? Is the thief having nightmares? It sounded stupid but what reason can I give?-

I was already by the end of the staircase, I could hear the moans louder now and no, this isn’t any thief.

Here I was standing by the wall, watching Adonis and his bimbo fuck.

I wanted to look away, I want to walk away, I want to pretend like I just did not see this but I couldn’t. My feet had a mind of its own.

I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from the scene. Watching him grab her hair, her hands against his thighs, struggling to contain all of him in her mouth. His low grunt, her soft gasps as he fucked her mouth.

“That’s it baby, that’s it.” He whispered, his voice coming out hoarse. I clasped my hand against my mouth, preventing a tiny squeak from me. I watched his hand curl her hair, slowly tightening it. He yanked her back, tugging her chin so she could look at him. A smirk laid on his lips as he watched her. Disoriented, her face, flushed. Her lips parted as she heaved, saliva dropping down her chin.

“You’ve always been a good girl.” He whispered, bending to meet her, tucking her hair behind her ear as he whispered into her ears. Something I couldn’t hear.

I watched him pull her up, tugging her panties down and set her against the table, slapping her ass so hard while she moaned loudly.

I wanted to look away but I couldn’t.

“I’m going to fuck you real good, do you want that? Want to feel my cock inside of you.” He whispered, tugging on his jeans and it came loose. I watched him spit in his hands, parting her legs properly and dipped his hands inside her.

“F-fuck, p-please” she cried out, I watch the smile on his face grow, suddenly thrusting into her while she cried out.

I felt my stomach grumble just at that moment, his eyes snapped towards me, licking his lips slyly. My face burned from embarrassment as our eyes met. I rushed up the stairs as fast as I could.

What the fuck did I just do?

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