Dark eyes smoldering, she got a vertical wrinkle between her eyebrows. Her lips pursed slightly, Lady Laenyra, Maddox's mother, shot a glare at Maddox who is just arrived at their company.

"Who is Mort?" Lady Laenyra asked her son the moment he entered the glassed door. They are in the President's office.

"How did that man's name get involved in this conversation?" Maddox asked even though he already had a clue in mind.

"So, you fucking know him?! He warns us if you don't drop your marriage proposal to Sumire Massoullève, he will come back here to take over the company!" His mother's voice raised. Maddox clicked his tongue soundly.

"Mom, this company is nothing but a trash compared to when I married Sumi-" Maddox was cut off when a resounding slap struck him violently across his face.

Lady Laenyra was fuming in anger at what Maddox said. Her cheeks were reddened mad and a piercing stare that if the looks could kill, Maddox would have laying dead on the cold floor.

"Say it one more t
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