Dragon Realm - Trip

Ella - POV

Immediately after our Alliance, Archer had gone to see Father discuss the Alliance and prepare for the next conflict, whereby he would join us against Elliot and Blair. While James went back to get ready for his realm.

"What are you thinking about?" When Darcus walked up to me with lunch, I didn't feel like eating, but he wouldn't listen to me.

"I am considering how I should tell Hana about this dragon and magic since she won't believe me and she will think I am crazy," Darcus smirked at me since I didn't trust Darcus when he explained to James that he is a warlock and I laughed at his worlds back then.

"Hana is a human, and you know that if she finds out about the Dragon shifter, it might put her in jeopardy," Hana said. Darius sat down next to me and signaled for us to eat our lunch. "I really don't feel like eating," I moaned.

"You must eat since you will need herbs to stabilize Ziya's energy," Darcus said harshly, and I ate up. This reminded me of my father's treatment
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