Do you think we’re in danger?

Luka pov

Lazarus stares at dad with the same confused, shocked, and wide-eyed expression as I do, but as it seems, it’ll take a while for my brother to come back to his senses. Possibly even too long, so this time, I have to step up and give him a break.

Turning my full attention to dad, I clear my throat and slightly tilt my head as I speak, “Whatever is your idea about this situation, you can’t blame us. The last time we were with Lenox, he promised to follow us in a bit. We talked to Sarah and just left the room, and as you might have noticed, both of us kept glancing around. We were looking out for Lenox and decided to wait for him here.”

Now, dad’s facial expression mimics ours, and all of us look like a bunch of very confused idiots.

“That means you didn’t give Lenox a damn blessing to go there?” Dad turns his attention back to Lazarus.

My brother shakes his head, still somewhat shocked, yet slowly regaining his senses.

I have no idea what dad is thinking right now, but no
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K.K. Winter
Believe it or not, were about to hit the end with this one ;) the torture is almost over :D
goodnovel comment avatar
As much as I am loving the story and all the characters…. I need some feel of finality. Either with regard to marking, the baby etc. There is a lot going on and need some closure to maintain my overview of the story ... So sorry about this comment but feel that I am getting a bit distracted
goodnovel comment avatar
Donna DeNardo Grogan
He has a way of making me laugh .Even when the others are worried he pops up out of nowhere with a branch............️

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