chapter 8

“When did you order breakfast,” I asked looking at our breakfast table.

“Princess, you were sleeping so peacefully, So I thought let's arrange breakfast before leaving from here”

“Are we going out?” I asked.

“Yes, I have a surprised for you” He smirked.

“Surprise” I arch my eyebrows.

“Yes…” He said, arranging my plate.

“I thought we are staying here for a few more days”

“Do you like this place?” He asked pulling a chair for me to a seat.

“Yes, It's a nice place”

“Don't worry, the place we are going to is more beautiful?” He said and I nodded.

“Have breakfast princess, and after we are leaving?” He said

“First finish your breakfast” He put fruit in my mouth. We stay here for two days and he gave me a day to rest because after that night I was so sore moving my leg. We cuddle and shared kisses during these two days while he made me come numerous times playing with me.

We had our breakfast and talked about my studies and planning however we are going to spend our vacation until January en
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Jen Bonjour
need cheaper chapters so we can read more
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Shaheen Khan
I think this author is really a pervert. this may be his own experience.
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need more chapters of this book

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