Will You Be Mine, Again?

Will You Be Mine, Again?

By:  Olivia M  Ongoing
Language: English
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Savannah Marie Jones, 17, new girl of Wahington High School. Carefree and practical girl who is still in the journey of finding herself. Jacob Brown, 18, golden boy of Washington High. Rich and arrogant with charismatic attitude. Ethan Chase, 17, heartthrob of Washington High school. Quirky and humorous exterior with dark mysterious aura. She has never been in a relationship, what will happen when two boys starts to give her attention in two different ways. Will she able to choose who or what she wants? Will she find the love she has yearned all her life? Read the book to find it out!

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Yes love, I have waited all my life to tell you this, I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”   He kneels in front of me, smiling with flushed cheeks.   As he reaches his pocket to find the ring box, there is a loud sound from my right.   I close my eyes in frustration as if it would help the sound to turn down. But the sound was getting more and more loud, pressing my eyes tightly. I open my eyes; so that I could at least see his pretty face.   My vision blurs and slowly it starts to get clear. But instead of seeing the love of my life a.k.a Shawn Mendes, I see my baby blue silk pillowcase. I look at my tableside clock, the time flashed, four am.   “Ugh, it was a dream again, Lord, when will this happen for real!”   On cue, my phone stops blaring.   I look up and whisper, “Should I take it as a sign, am I going to unite with th
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Chapter 2
Our faces are glued to the window; we are being the clear definition of nosy neighbors. But, can you blame us, at least twenty movers got down?   “Are they going to demolish the house and build a palace or what?” My mom says jokingly as he lifts the chair near the window.   My dad saw my mom picking up the chair ran to her and took the chair and brought it closer to the window. Sometimes, when I see them both, I envy their love.    They were no childhood sweethearts; they both met in a parent-teacher conference, where my dad brought his nephew, my cousin, Peter. Peter is a very enthusiastic kid who was a prankster then itself.    So, when my dad had to cover up i
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Chapter 3
Feeling embarrassed my mom opens the door and my dad and I act as if we are opening the cartons. Acting oblivious is the best we can do now. To our surprise, after my mother opens the door, we are met with two beautiful smiles from the power couple. They stand hand in hand with each other, they look excited.  "Hello, we are the Browns, we are moving in today. Nice to meet you, all!"  The woman tells as she looks at my mom expectantly. It took my mom a good minute to come out of her trance and say the dumbest thing a person can ever say. "We are not stalkers". That's it! I was packing my bags to Antarct
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Chapter 4
“Savannah Marie Jones, if you don’t get up in like five minutes, you will have to walk to your first day of school.”  Isn’t this a wonderful way to get up? Normal people wake up with the alarm and I get up with my mom’s early morning screaming. Life is wonderful. I turn to get my phone and I am put in shock with the time flashing in it. I have only had twenty minutes for my bus to come. I jump out of the bed and start multitasking.  I start brushing my teeth and also stare at my wardrobe thinking about what I should wear for the first day of school. I complete my morning activities and slip into my outfit of the day.  I wear a dark blue shirt with white stripes and blue jeans, I quickly wear
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Chapter 5
Wow, that’s interesting, she brought me to a place, which is no way close or is the office room.She turns with her ponytail skipping my mouth in few centimeters. I take a step back and look at her confused.Slowly her lips turn upwards and she morphs into a crazy clown, I would not like to compare her to the IT clown too. Because I feel, he looked better than the current face she is pulling off.“Oh my god! Why are you not reacting?”Finally, she opens her mouth. I close and open my mouth like a fish out of water because I have a feeling where our conversation is leading. But I just wanted to hear it for my sake.The thing is sadly this is not my first rodeo with people like her, basic pretentious girls who like to flaunt their daddy’s money and look down upon everyone who walks past them.I thought she is different to be honest, because unlike my last meetups. She is not dressed in skimpy, tight clothes with hair th
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Chapter 6
I just ran off to the bathroom to cool myself, as I was seeing only red. I mean it’s not an everyday thing, I have done something like this, I mean when I collected this information and pictures, I kept it as a last resort kind of thing. But she just ticked off me in some way, that I couldn’t control myself. I am so sure, I am going to land in trouble on the first day of my school. But, I would be lying if I am saying I am not feeling like that happiest girl in the world.I guess that weeny little bitch ran off to the parking lot, running from the preying wears and mouths of people.My class is going to start in 5 minutes and I have still not found the office, I am losing my mind but I take some more time and count from 1-10, as they say in movies. I felt better and go out.Surprisingly there was no one in the corridor. I see a janitor and after asking him the way, I start walking to the office. The office lady was so sweet she handed m
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Chapter 7
Oh ok what have I done why is everyone talking to me today. My inner loner self is laughing at me. It's Jacob, great I am being famous, my mind tells me I have a very bad fall after this for sure, and hopefully it is metaphorically and not physically.He jogs up to me and I hear Ethan says, “Who even screams someone’s name that far across the hall, do you know that dude, or should I?"Weird, but why do I feel so happy hearing it? Ok, for sure a bad news is going to hit my ears soon. What I am a little pessimistic, sue me?Before I could respond to Ethan, Jacob caches up with us, though we slowed our walk we were still walking,He was breathing too heavily for the way he looked, like I guess he should have run for like two minutes, he is already hyperventilating. Like dude, aren’t you like in any sports, he surely does work out, those abs I saw the other day doesn’t come by just sitting and walking around.Wow, I just side tr
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Chapter 8
I just followed him silently, all my thoughts came to a halt as soon as the smell of books hit me nose. As I entered the library there was a lady in bright cherry red skirt and matching blouse, with bright red lipstick. She should be probably in her fifties, she is looking at me with a smile and gets me a library card issued.I walk around through the shelves, it was all arranged in alphabetical order of genre, within each genre, and the books were arranged in the order of the title’s first letter.Everything looks so organized and clean, I entered my favorite aisle that is literature. As soon as I entered, I took a step back, because there stood a boy with worn out black leather jacket and hair styled to perfection looking through the books like a small boy in candy store.“Please close your mouth; flies may enter your pretty mouth.”I close my mouth immediately and my cheeks turn red in embarrassment. He starts chuckling looking at my
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