Chapter 246: An Indescribable Secret

Edward went to Alfred's room.

The maid at the door bowed respectfully when she saw Edward. "Young master."

Then, she pushed the door open for Edward.

As soon as Edward entered, he closed the door behind him.

Alfred was still sitting on the sofa with his head up. He leaned back on the back of the sofa. The TV was playing a play. It was not loud.

Edward walked closer and found that Alfred had fallen asleep with his eyes closed.

Before Edward could say anything, Alfred suddenly opened his eyes. His usually sharp eyes were cloudy.

He stared at Edward in front of him as if he had been frightened. His pupils suddenly contracted.

But very quickly, his eyes regained clarity.

"You're here."

His voice was a little hoarse, but when Edward heard it, he felt that these words were not meant for him.

Edward frowned and sat down opposite Alfred. He looked at Alfred carefully.

He remembered when Ellena returned, she looked like she wanted to say something but could not say it. Now that he saw Alfred l
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