chapter 123



"Mykes is not just a brother to you father he is my lover"i admit looking away from his eyes as he lets go of me taking a seat on the sofa beside me,

"Does anyone carrt to explain?" My father grunts out yelling this is the first time I've seen him pissed and i can only wonder how tripled his mager will be when he learns that i am his biological daughter,

"It's not what you think Tyler she didn't know anything about you being a family we met causally and spoke. For few seconds and hit odd really great besides i do not see why you have a problem with it can't i choose to love whom i want toM afterall you had left with a human king ago"

"A human? Then does that mean Laura is now a".

"Vampire tyker I'm sorry brother but you aren't helping matters she just became one of us as I'd recent and this is the best way to welcome her?,

Stop acting all saint and kikw you actually care afterall yo've been through something like this,

"Don't to dare a say a word you killed her"

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