My Exception

Short Flashback:

It had been a few nights since I ran away. My parents probably still new nothing of my disappearance. Their main priorities back then were maintaining the relationship between them and the Riders in order for they themselves to be safe if anything were to happen. So at times when I needed them the most, they were always stuck sucking up to their superiors wherever that may be, leaving me alone at home to 'practice' with my brother. Sometimes it'd take days for them to return home and other times its weeks.

At first, I wasn't bothered as long as I had food to eat, guns to play around with and my brother to lean on...but after the night of Lucas's first shift, everything changed and I began to plead for the days to come when they were actually home.... that way, I wouldn't have to suffer at the hand of my brother.

But breathing a word to them would mean the end for us all --as Lucas would always say--- so I did the only thing I could.....RUN.

That was how I ended up
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