He Knows


All freaking positive…. every single one of them….

I’m pregnant… I’M PREGNANT!

I can feel the unmistakable budding of excitement in my chest as I looked down at the tests in front of me, but the anxiety…was also unfortunately sparking…

Is this a moment where I should pop a smile? I can’t even bring myself to do that much.

Fuck. I keep thinking about whether he’ll like this or not. Well…I mean, he needs his heir to take over, so obviously he’ll want a child. But will he be ‘happy’? As in, does he really want a baby with me? Like Lora said, he might not even be fond of it.

Or am I thinking too much?

“Oye! Get out if you don’t want me to come get you.” A shout came from Ash along with the sound of fists banging against the bathroom door.

I sighed. She’s the last person I want to know about this, but the situation has already gone bad.

I slid the tests off the counter and into the trash bin beside it then sluggishly washed my hands at the sink, sighing for the second time.
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