Chapter 81


Everyone watches in silent reverie as Grace’s ashes dance on the wind as they climb higher and higher into the sky. It is as if they are jumping from one cloud to the other as she makes her way up to the heavens above. It would have been a beautiful sight if I was not so damn sad.

Looking down to my left I see that Lilith is nothing more than ash now as well. I resist the urge to kick her ashes into the mud and snow. Walter grabs ahold of my shoulders and pulls me away from what remains of Lilith’s body. “She would want to be with her,” he mumbles. “That’s what Grace would have wanted,” he clears his throat as he speaks trying to hide the sobs that threaten to escape him.

I look up into his brown eyes that are filled with tears, and I know that he is right. Grace and Lilith spent centuries at each other’s sides. Puckering my lips once again I blow a gentle breeze over the ashes that were once Lilith and send them into the heavens so she can be with Grace. Huge tear
Solange Daye

I hope you all are enjoying the journey so far. Ella's part in the journey is coming to an end. You all will have to let me know who's story you want to hear next. The story of the pup that she is carrying or would you like to hear Grace and Lilith's story (I think we all know it won't be a happy ending).

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goodnovel comment avatar
The pup is good but I would LOVE a Lilith/ Grace origin story/ prequel especially since your previous comment seems like you’re very invested in the background story you have for them ...️
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Gillian Hill
i think the pup too
goodnovel comment avatar
Louise Von Dohren Lane
I think the pup too

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