Everything that happened within the past 24 hours is still blurry to me. And I am still unclear about my situation. Grandma, Kelt, Sheryl and I boarded a plane leaving New York to Canada. Then we took the longest drive, I have ever been in in my entire life. Night came and it started raining, we had been driving in the woods for three hours. I guess that was when I got overwhelmed realizing that this was all true, that I was a werewolf? And so was Grandma? And we were going to the land of werewolves. I might never see the lights of New York city again, or any city for that matter. I might never see my friends again or go to the movies or starbucks. I might never see Tony again or I might be dead soon. I began to cry lightly. Grandma wrapped her arms around me pulling me into a hug, I rested my head on her laps and cried softly while she stroke my hair.

  She apologized over a thousand times for not telling me who I really was and told me that remembering it all broke her heart and made her want to protect me at all cost. I fell asleep with her whispering to me that it would be all okay soon.

   When Grandma told me we were there, I woke up to see that our car was packed in the middle of the woods. Right in the middle, I wondered how there was space enough for the truck. We were right in the middle and it felt so cold and there was moist in the air. The ground was swampy too because of the rain and when I stepped out of the truck and on to the ground my boots felt stuck… even though they weren’t.

‘Um… would we be living here now?’ I ask looking around and wondering if we would be living here now, in the woods. Everyone laughed even Grandma.

‘No Annie.’ Sheryl said. ‘We would be crossing over now. Do not be startled.’ She turned to Kelt who nodded and then she walked right into the air. Only that it looked like the air had been cut with a knife by her walking through it. Immediately her whole body had gone in, the air sealed up like she hadn’t just passed through and she was gone!

I gasped so loudly and deeply that my throat felt tight.

‘What the-?’

‘Don’t worry Annie, Its okay?’

‘No no no no Grandma.’

‘Come on, We’ll go together. You can even close your eyes.’ I could feel my heartbeat thumping rapidly.  Grandma held me and even though for a second I wanted my eyes open, I shut them as she led me forward.

‘You can open your eyes now Annie.’ Grandma said ‘Welcome to Silverwoods.’

Sheryl was smiling at me, and so was Grandma. And just before my newly opened eyes was the most beautiful and serene place I had ever seen. I felt like I was in a fairytale stoy. There were lots of trees, different kinds and so many flowers climbing all around. Birds chirped in the trees and squirrels scampered about seeing us.

‘This is beautiful’ I said in such a low whisper that I could barely hear myself. New York looked nothing like this. It was loud and noisy polluted. It was hard to believe that people lived here.

‘Is this where would be living now?’

Grandma laughed so lightly and I turned and saw a tear at the corner of her eyes as she looked around. She looked very happy.

‘No but come and I’ll show you.’ Sheryl said and took my hand softly.

‘What of Kelt?’ I asked. He still hadn’t stepped through to us.

‘He will take care of the car.’

I squeeze my face wondering what she meant by that but I said nothing and followed her carefully on a paved path through the woods. Grandma was just behind and each time I peeped to check on her, she seemed to be starring around with an emotional look on her face. In a very short while, we were in where I could see that I would be living. Old fashioned but beautiful looking houses were around in sight and as we moved closer, I could see the truck just by the end of a small bridge but Kelt wasn’t in it.

 We were just at the truck when a big black wolf sprang from the woods, I jumped and gave a squeal, Grandma jumped a little startled and Sheryl stood at akimbo.

‘Really, Kelt? Really?’ She said and then rolled her eyes.

The wolf circled her and then disappeared back into the woods.

Grandma laughed so deeply that It felt strange, I stood confused and shocked. Sheryl took my hand again and led me towards the car muttering to herself about how irresponsible and childish.

While in the car, Grandma was still giggling and I was confused.

‘What just happened?’ I asked

Sheryl adjusted in the front seat so she could face me.

‘That was just Kelt messing around, never mind him.’ She smiled and turned back to face her front.

‘He was the wolf?’ I croaked.

‘Is the wolf darling.’ Grandma corrected and I could see how excited she was

I felt like I wanted to puke or faint and I’m sure I looked like that too because Grandma’s excitement was replaced with worry.

‘Annie, are you okay?’ She asked and Sheryl turned back to me again.

 I wanted to talk but I couldn’t find the right words to say, I probably couldn’t find my lips or voice. So really this was real? I truly am a werewolf.

‘Deep breaths Annie.’ One of them said ‘Focus on breathing’

I stayed breathing in and out for a while

‘Well she’s taking it not too badly’ Sheryl said ‘She could have gone into hysterics.’

The driver’s door opened and Kelt got in.

Sheryl glared at him

‘What was that for? You scared her!’ She shouted at him ‘She just had a damn panic attack.’

‘For real?’ He turned to me and placed his palms together ‘My apologies, Miss but I had to do that. So that you would be ready for whatever you see now, This is a land of wolves and you’re included.’

  He faced the front and started driving ‘Besides I didn’t want you to miss seeing your first wolf. I couldn’t let Joan get that. I am sorry though.’

Grandma snorted with a laugh ‘I felt like I was seeing a wolf for the first time too. It’s been forever.’ She was smiling gleefully while patting my back. ‘I can’t wait. I miss my wolf.’

Grandma must be very excited to be back here. She must have missed here so much. She didn’t even care that mentioning her turning into a wolf might heighten my anxiety, that was how much she missed here.

  ‘I didn’t know what to expect after leaving.’ She said, suddenly her voice lowered ‘Knowing that they made it- I was scared that- ‘ She kept quiet and so did everyone. I was lost, not sure of what Grandma was talking about. I Still didn’t completely understand what I was doing here even. Grandma sighed very deeply.

‘I am proud of them’ She continued talking after her pause ‘Proud that they saved our home.’ She turned to me then ‘The minute we get home, Annie. I am telling you everything. Everything.’

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