“I haven't seen Charlene since morning. Did she step out of that room at all?” Kathleen asked Flavia who was coming out of Charles' room.

She nodded. “She's with Charles.”

“Charles?” Kathleen furrowed her brows. She skipped a step close to the door and planted a soft knock on it before twisting the doorknob, as she peeked through she was surprised to see how far Charlene had changed in three days.

The sound of the door prompted them to look over, Charlene beamed. “Good afternoon, mum.”

“Oh. Honey, how are you today?” She asked, striding toward the bed.

“Perfectly fine.” She replied and flashed her a bright smile.

Kathleen had no idea of what was going on with her, last night she was moody and barely had her dinner. Right now she was fully dressed and her face wasn't pale anymore, she had a bright smile that lit up her face. It had been only three days, and Kathleen was curious to know what was going on. “So, what happened to you?”

She frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Charles, what did
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It is time for a divorce!! STAY STRONG!!!!

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