Present Time


Will it also reflect the same personality the original person has?


My name is Illa, an 18 year old orphan who lives as an outcast of the society.

It was a name that I chose when I woke up in the present time after being reincarnated again. I found myself in a freezing cold alley way when I was about 5 years old and no one knew the identity of this body that I am in, therefore I chose my own name.

Upon learning about this new body of mine, I found out that I was originally a stray kid and was abandoned to die in a place full of cruel people. I was constantly beat up, starved and overworked that I don't even know how did I reached this age.

During these times I was living in this body, there were a lot of hard times however I was able to go through all of it as I miraculously haven't met Solon in this life time.

Maybe this is not the time yet, I thought.

It was fine and bearable and because of my hard work, I was able to feed, dress and get mys
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