Projection of things you wanted to happen in real life or sometimes things that already happened in the past.


Han cried his heart out that same night...

Although he did not explain much about those things that he said to me, I already knew it...

It was just like how I dreamed about Solon and Yuan every now and then so I understand right away. He did not want to talk about it either as it was like a sour memory for him that he wanted to get over with so I just leave him be.

It also became our little secret and from that day, we became a lot closer.

I find it weird as I kept seeing the same face that I was once afraid of but the fact that he was someone different from the Yuan that I knew gives me comfort.

He was a lot kinder and sweet the more I know him.

"The kids will be having a small celebration for Jake this weekend, are you coming?" Han asked.

It has been weeks since we finish
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